3 Key Features of Infrastructure Asset Management Software

Software is a part of  modern asset management, though underused in many operations. There are still paper drawings, excel files and notebooks on many asset managers’ table, because quite often a software is either too expensive or difficult to use. What are the main things to look for in an infrastructure asset management software?

1 It understands the whole life cycle of the asset

Most of the infrastructure, for example buildings, have a life cycle of hundreds of years. In the planning phase you have a drawing, but there is always difference between a plan and a real-life asset after construction. As-built scanning updates the plan into an up-to-date digital twin, which can later be updated with repetitive surveys or other additional information.

Construction is only a short phase of the asset’s life cycle and it is important that the asset management software enables saving the data also throughout the rest of the life cycle, and using the information in maintenance. Comparisons between datasets, history of the maintenance operations and analysis of the survey results, all help in better and more efficient asset management.

2 It is simple to use

The easiest user interface for an asset management software includes a visual model of your asset. Often asset management software is composed of menus and charts, instead of a visualization of the real world. If the starting point of the asset management software is a georeferenced digital twin, the understanding and using the software is much more intuitive.

When the asset management software is cloud-based, your IT department can sigh from relief. Even when the digital twin is a full-scale 3D model, it can be opened and used via a web browser without additional software installations. Just log in and start managing!

3 It enables better communication

Bearing in mind that the maintenance and management of assets unite several different professions, you need to be sure that the essential information is descriptive and reaches all necessary stakeholders. When the software is easy to use and available online, it is easier to include everyone into the discussion and share the information. Advanced asset management software also allows mobile use, which facilitates the work in the field.

One key factor in communication is the timeliness of the information, which can be achieved with easy updates. When the personnel involved in maintenance can make notes or update the information easily, the data stays valid and everybody is abreast of the current situation.

GISGRO is a 3D asset management software, developed in co-operation with asset managers. The features enable asset’s condition monitoring, database usage, work orders and much more. Book an online demo with our specialist Ville to learn more!

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