5 Tips for a Successful Remote Workday at Home

During the past few weeks many of us have found themselves working remotely. Offices have quieted down, and in many families, there is at least one remote worker. In others, the whole family is working from home. Team GISGRO has always been working remotely to some extend – in the field, at home, in planes and trains. We gathered our best practices of working remotely at home and summarized them into five tips.  

1 Create a good working space 

At home you might not have an electric table or multiple screens but taking care of your ergonomics is as important as at the office. Use innovative methods, like boxes or bar stools, to create standing workstation. Minimize noise or interruptions, check the lighting and comfortability of your working space.  If separate room for working is not a possibility, it’s a good idea to invest in headphones with a noise cancelling feature included. 

2 Use routines to get into working mode 

Don’t leave your pajamas on when starting the work. Comfortable but neat working clothes and a quick look in the mirror ensures that even surprising video conferences can be handled professionally. You may save a lot of time from commuting, so create new routines to switch your brain to the working mode. Start your day with a short walk or a good breakfast to boost your energy levels for the day.    

3 Plan your day’s schedule 

When working at home, you might need more self-leading skills than normally at the office. List the things you need to get done and prioritize the tasks. Crossing out the done duties creates a feeling of achievement and keeps up the motivation. Plan your breaks and schedule your lunch, to ensure you’ll get the necessary pauses during your working day. 

Invest in good working equipment 

Nothing is more annoying than headphones with bad reception or slow internet connection, when you need to get things done. Make sure you have good tools, whether it is a better laptop or video conferencing software.  

5 Communicate even more than usual 

When everyone is working in different places, the importance of communication gets highlighted. Make sure your work is shared with everyone involved and the information easily available for all. Don’t forget the informal communication; ask how your colleagues are doing via intranet or chat or take virtual coffee breaks and share pictures of your working space to keep the team spirit up. 


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