Creating a Virtual Version of Your Port’s Physical Assets with 360° Pictures

A digital representation of port’s assets comes in handy, especially if you are working remotely or need to cover wide areas in a short amount of time. Quick check on the location or condition of a certain asset, a virtual tour of the storage facilities to a potential client -the use cases of a digital twin are various.

Combine 3D data from different sources

Data gathering technology is rapidly evolving and there is a wide variety of different 3D scanning equipment available. Sonar, laser and photogrammetry are all planned for a bit different types of data use. Sonar scanners provide detailed data of below water structures regardless of the visibility in the water. Laser scanners are the best option when you need extremely exact data from above water structures. Photogrammetry offers a speedy way for creating 3D models of wide areas. One form of photogrammetry, 360° photography, is becoming the most popular way of creating virtual models of inside areas, like facilities or storages in harbors.

A cost-effective way for modelling physical assets

360° photography is gaining ground in digitalization of asset management mainly due to its low costs. 360 cameras are affordable and easy to use compared to laser scanners, for example. You can even use a mobile phone, but for more professional use and higher resolution, a 360 camera is recommended.

A 360 camera creates a seamless 3D model from overlapping pictures. These models can be included in the digital twin so that you can examine the building from every angle. Some software enable extracting different parts of the picture into asset layers, so you can choose which asset categories are highlighted or shown in the 3D model.

Smart facility management

By creating a digital twin of your property with 360° photography in an online platform GISGRO, you can take your asset management to cloud. A cloud platform enables efficient utilization of your 3D models by letting everyone involved in operations of the asset to easily reach and use the data. Tag assets to find them easily, make notes or add information to assets and send work orders to get the noted damages repaired.

As you can see in the picture above, 360° photography gives us an extremely realistic digital twin and hence can be an effective tool in asset management. To learn more, book an online meeting with our specialist!

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