Asset information adds value to the digital twin of your seaport

A digital twin has its counterpart in the physical world, but when remote sensing technologies create the digital model, it always lacks some details essential to the operations. Like a quay’s electricity supply points, most details are stored in another format. Now it is possible to easily attach them to the georeferenced model in GISGRO online platform.

What is asset information?

Assets are different parts of the port’s resources, like bollards, rental areas, or railways. For maintenance purposes, these are often numbered or labeled in some way, and the information is stored in spreadsheets or CAD files.

Labels are needed to enable communication because the maintenance procedures must be targeted to the specific asset.

Asset information can also contain attributes of the assets. Attributes can be leaseholders of rental areas, load bearing capacity of a quay, or the voltage of an electricity supply, for example. Most of this information is needed in the everyday work of the maintenance personnel.

How do you use asset information?

In seaports, there aren’t any unnecessary assets. Everything is designed to enable efficient and safe operations in the marine environment, serving the port’s staff as well as the clients.

As there are so many stakeholders, the information needs to be easily available for everyone needed, anywhere and anytime.

When you add asset information to GISGRO, the information is linked to the actual location of the asset.

You can access it online and easily find the information with a few clicks only. Whether you are checking the location of a broken lightbulb or planning a suitable berth for an arriving vessel, the needed info is found in GISGRO.

How to start digital asset management?

Now you are probably wondering how to start the digital asset management process. You may already have your port’s digital twin in GISGRO (if you don’t, just contact us, and we’ll help you with it), or you can easily upload the available asset information to the platform.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is. Once the information is there, you may be surprised how much time you save by not searching for every little detail from archives or several databases.


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