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If you want to optimize port asset management, enable transparent communication for all stakeholders, improve environmental sustainability, and maximize value for your clients, then smart online asset management with GISGRO is the way to go.

Ports globally are using smart technologies to become more efficient, green and safe. The goods news is that these technologies are attainable for ports of all kinds.

GISGRO connects people and data within various functions in the port from operations to survey and asset management. It is a smart port management platform that empowers ports by making their transition to a digital work environment easier, and by creating tailor-made, smart, and easy-to-use solutions that facilitate and optimize port operations and asset management – anything that makes your port run smoother.

Take a look at the platform in action by booking a demo. Or simply contact us to discuss how GISGRO and our digitalization team can smoothen your digital passage. You can also check more information on our knowledge base.

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What our customers say

”Our department produces and operates with a range of different types of data: multibeam and laser scans, orthoimages, and 3D reference models. For example, earlier we used to deliver underwater structural scan data to our in-house clients in 2D format. With GISGRO, we can assist them by enabling the easy access and utilization of different 2D and 3D data in asset management”

Thomas Thies, Head of Hydrographic Data Collection
Hamburg Port Authority

”GISGRO aids the asset management work tremendously; by seeing and analyzing the 3D data, the evaluation of the possible risks to the quays’ safety is easier and it is possible to do predictive maintenance instead of just reacting to incidents and repairing actual damages”

Jolien van Stokkem, Project Manager
Arcadis | Port of Moerdijk

“When we have all of our assets in GISGRO, enriched with additional data, we will be able to use it in every aspect of port operations from maintenance to sales. It does not only improve our communication internally and between different departments in the port, but also with customers and other stakeholders.”

Ville Kuitunen, Traffic Director
Port of HaminaKotka

GUIDE for Smart Ports

Reading this guide will give you insights why digital twin is not just a buzz word, but a practical way for improving your port’s efficiency.

We introduce the practice behind the concept of smart port and give concrete examples how to gain the benefits of digitalization in the everyday work in a port.

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Examples of GISGRO tools for port asset management


Add assets (buildings, railways etc.) to the digital twin and organize them with map layers, categories and tags. Mark issues, send service requests and build preventative maintenance plans. Sharing information has never been easier!




Upload hydrographic data into GISGRO and print bathymetric charts with few clicks only. Add contours, soundings, nautical labels and more. You can also print out PDF maps of land areas, facilities or construction site planning, for example.




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