Case Discovery Marine Ltd: Making Hydrographic Data Utilization Easy for the Clients

Discovery Marine Ltd is one of the leading hydrographic surveying companies in the southern hemisphere. The company has certified experts from bathymetric to infrastructural inspections capable of mapping a complex range of marine environments. Discovery Marine serves ports, infrastructure owners, public and scientific organizations in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific.

In addition to impressive and growing range of equipment Discovery Marine also employs a variety of industry leading software in their work. QPS Qinsy is used for data acquisition and QPS Qimera for data processing.

What helps separate Discovery Marine from other surveyors is the fact that they don’t only produce outstanding data but also ensure their clients are able to use it effectively. Modern surveyors are equipped with the skills and software needed to make use of highly complex 3D data; this isn’t always the case for clients, however.

Being able to see the actual 3D data in addition to charts or other end products helps the clients in understanding the reality below water. Declan Stubbing, Operations Manager at Discovery Marine, describes the solution they are using for this:


“We delivered the dataset via GISGRO alongside our traditional deliverables which allowed our clients to get a quick visual appreciation of the area and the coverage achieved.”


Sometimes seeing the data with your own eyes really does make the difference.

discovery marine ltd bridge data in gisgro

Award winning data tailored to the client’s needs

Data is more than just a bathymetric chart or a raw point cloud. It is the crucial foundation on which all vital maritime decisions are built. Being able to quickly produce accurate, reliable, and usable information is a reason why Discovery Marine is the recipient of various industry awards.

discovery marine ltd survey vessel

Due to their wide range of clients, Discovery Marine must be adaptable in their approach to delivering data. Producing nautical charts, seabed analysis and object detection can all be part of just one project. The projects are different; from helping coastal scientists predict impacts of significant weather events to aiding engineers in the maintenance of coastal infrastructure.

The duration of the project can vary depending on the time needed to acquire, process, and analyze the data. A great deal of skill, experience and effort is demonstrated in each of these steps. This hard work can feel much more meaningful when the client is able to obtain actionable value from the data.


“We have found the cloud-based app is a convenient way of delivering datasets and means the data can be interacted with by client teams that might not have the software licenses to access our traditional deliverables,” Declan explains.


Traditionally, the cost of software and the necessary skillset needed to use the software have been difficult barriers for many clients of surveyors to overcome. When delivering data via GISGRO, the client doesn’t need to download or install separate software, expensive hardware or superfast internet is not a requirement, and the easy-to-use interface makes the usage simple for users with a variety of computer skills.

Giving clients the power to see and utilize data plays an important role in helping them to extend asset life cycles. They can access a digital twin of their infrastructure and use it to make crucial decisions simply through a web browser.

As the environment and the maritime industry change, so do the requirements of a surveyor. The improvements in surveying techniques and increasing capacity to gather data mean that survey data management and sharing needs to be more effective than ever.


“We’re really happy with the GISGRO platform and excited to see new features being added regularly. We would recommend GISGRO to anyone looking to improve their client experience and interaction with 3D datasets, especially bathymetry”, Declan concludes.


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