Case Storm Geomatics: Unleashing the Full Potential of the Survey Data for Clients

Storm Geomatics is a surveying company based in England and specializing in water-based survey projects. Storm combines knowhow on hydrography, topography, and environmental surveys to deliver their clients great variety of services. The company was founded in 2006 and in the ensuing years have encountered all kinds of surveys in, on, or near water environment. As they state on their website: “Whatever your survey requirement is, we will have undoubtedly supplied similar data and drawings on another project before.”

Storm Geomatics strongly believes in keeping on the edge of technology. They maintain the expertise of their personnel with continuous training and use of high-end equipment. Storm started to use GISGRO as their survey data delivery method in 2020, and we got a chance to interview Anthony Pritchard, Director in Storm Geomatics, about his thoughts and experiences with GISGRO.


How does GISGRO fit into your current workflow?

Storm Geomatics survey dataWe use GISGRO in a couple of different ways during a project lifecycle. We often utilize the portal as a viewer and general validation tool early on in a project. We can import both part-processed bathymetric and raw terrestrial point cloud data so we can interrogate coverage and overlap for example. Depending on the clients’ requirements for the data we can also highlight any areas of concern like undercutting, exposed pipes etc at an early stage.

When the main processing of the bathymetric and terrestrial point cloud processing is complete, we can get the data loaded onto the portal and shared with the client well before the formal charts/plots are produced and the final complete project is delivered providing the client with a head-start!


What value does GISGRO bring to your clients?

GISGRO has been well received by all our clients and provided them with a simple and intuitive way to view and interrogate their data. Many of them have limitations on available software and downloading and viewing point cloud type data becomes an onerous task which leads to frustration and ultimately the client not utilizing the full potential of the data.

When delivering the data, I often share it with my primary contact and then in the coming days I am asked to share it with many more who are involved with the project. These are often non-technical people and often from related companies but this freedom of being able to simply open a web page and view, analyse and interrogate the data is a gamechanger for them!


Freedom of being able to simply open a web page and view, analyse and interrogate the data is a gamechanger for them!


Would you recommend GISGRO to other surveyors?

Yes, is the simple answer!

None of our clients initially asked for the data to be delivered in this format but after receiving it for the first time they have all been extremely impressed. This has brought us further contracts and recognition as leading practitioners in our field. Furthermore, surveying high resolution bathymetric and terrestrial scan data only to deliver CAD survey plans and cross sections seems to be so backward in todays’ world.


GISGRO has brought us further contracts and recognition as leading practitioners in our field.


Stormy sky with surveyor


Adding cloud technology makes every step of a survey project smoother

Necessity is often quoted as the mother of all inventions. After spotting a gap in the market, Storm Geomatics demonstrated its focus on innovation by creating their own software GeoRiver® for river data processing and model creation.

Similar to how GISGRO was created, the driving factors were providing the best possible service for customers and making the surveying workflow more efficient by adopting cloud technology.

The purpose of GeoRiver® is to streamline river surveyors’ work. Next we will hear more about the software from Anthony.


Could you provide a brief overview of GeoRiver® and its main benefits for users?

GeoRiver® is a task specific, standalone, cloud licensed software program for processing river channel survey data. Newly surveyed x,z,y,code data is imported and enhanced in GeoRiver® before being exported to Environment Agency standards and proprietary river modelling formats. Data can also be imported as Flood Modeller Pro, Hec-Ras, Mike11 and EACSD files which is ideal for building models from archive data sets. The software presents multiple automated and intuitive features with ongoing development. GeoRiver® also provides commands to automate structure output for modelling files for Flood Modeller Pro, Tuflow and Hec-Ras.


What inspired you to create GeoRiver®?

river surveyAt Storm Geomatics we are always looking to innovate and provide solutions for problems we encounter. Efficient and cost-effective processing of river channel data was top of our list soon after the company was established, and we took it upon ourselves to create GeoRiver® to fill this gap. Alternative programs either sit within CAD programs or are part of other software applications with expensive outlay costs. We wanted to produce a standalone, flexible cloud licensed software which was built for the specific purpose of processing river channel data that provides a link between the surveyor and the engineer.



Want to know more about GISGRO?

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