CEO’s blog: Ready to take a next step in digitalising the port’s daily work?

We are proud to say we have 40 years of experience in the port industry. It’s a summation of our experience that we have together with Satamatieto Oy, the leading and biggest Finnish port management software company, which we merged as part of GISGRO Oy at the beginning of 2022. 

2022 was a year of transformation for us as we divested the services business and started focusing on the software business at the end of 2021. The transformation was easy for us since we have been developing GISGRO software for the port’s daily work needs since 2016.

Our innovation has been to utilise the 3D and geographical data as a digital twin of the port. Now, we are using the digital twin as a user interface for the port management information system. Based on that, GISGRO is a new-generation port management information system with modules that suit the needs of port operations, asset management, business management, and sustainability.

GISGRO is the software helping you stay on top of your port’s daily work – as well as at the operative and management levels. GISGRO offers an excellent chance for our clients to take the next step in digitalising the port’s daily work.

Broader shoulders for clients’ needs

With broader shoulders, we can serve our clients and respond to their business, and daily work needs even better and faster. The golden rules for our software development are ease of use and client orientation.

We are very grateful to our current clients for contributing to the software development. For example, Finnish ports have been innovative in developing maritime logistics and digitalisation. I think it´s because Finland’s foreign trade heavily depends on maritime cargo.

The past year’s events related to the pandemic and disruptions in the logistics chain are speeding up the digitalisation of the logistics industry. As ports are a vital part of the logistics chain, the need for digitalisation also affects their interest in enhancing the way of working. Every port is eager to be as effective and safe as possible and to meet the sustainability requirements.

Our excellent NPS* record of 49 from last year tells me we are on the right track. In general, our clients value GISGRO, so it’s even more satisfying to announce that we got new port clients from multiple countries starting to use the software last year.

For a growth company like us, it’s always important to recognise that the demand for easy-to-use port management software is a global need. It’s also a good start for a year to notice that we have clients already from 12th countries.

How about your port?

What are your aims and visions for digitalisation? Contact us if you want to discuss the steps toward a more efficient port!

Timo Aarvala
Timo Aarvala

+358 40 596 5973

*Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 49 last year. Net Promoter Score tracks whether our clients would recommend using the GISGRO on a scale of -100 to 100.