Communication in Asset Maintenance Management

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs

Scattered Data and Complicated Communication is Costly

Do you sometimes think there’s a language barrier between surveyors and asset managers? Have you tried to figure out how to translate survey results so that everyone involved remains on the same page?

Asset maintenance procedures involve people from many different backgrounds. There can be surveyors, engineers, architects, technical directors, financial directors and CEOs, all having different education and experience. It’s essential to make sure the information is easily accessible and understandable for all stakeholders.

This information must go back and forth through many people, but often becomes problematic when it is scattered among different platforms. There can be survey data in point cloud form (which cannot be opened without the right software), CAD drawings by architects or designers in paper form, notes from a consultant in email, repair orders to maintenance personnel that drive budgeting decisions, etc. Couldn’t it be simpler?

Smoother Workflow with GISGRO

What if you could get the surveyor’s report via your web browser? Just log in and surf through your asset data and inspector’s observations in beautifully visualized form. Make your own remarks, note where to focus further investigation, or mark the spot you’d like to discuss with your engineering team. Send your field team with an ROV to take closer pictures and then add those pictures to the data. Measure sizes of possible damage or take a closer look at deformation with a cross-section tool. Show the data in a board meeting to explain the budgeting needs and invite the designer to make CAD drawings straight from the survey data. It really can be this simple when you use GISGRO, an online 3D asset data platform for surveyors and asset managers.

For more information about how GISGRO can help you to improve 3D asset data management and communication, book a free online demo with GISGRO 3D Asset Management Specialist or start a free 14-day trial.

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