Digitalization of Seaports: Benefits of Online Platform in Port Asset Management

Port asset management concerns all departments and teams in an organization of a seaport. When there are various types of stakeholders handling operations, it is especially important to make sure all valuable information is easily available for everyone. One solution for tackling this challenge is an online asset management platform, where all asset data is in one place, in coordinates, and available for everyone involved at all times.

Centralized information, facilitated planning and improved communication are the main reasons why it is beneficial to use an online platform for port asset management. In this article, we demonstrate these benefits using an online platform GISGRO, which is a cloud-based software for managing, sharing and utilizing asset data easily and efficiently in ports.

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GISGRO as a database

Ports and harbors all over the world often face similar challenges. The infrastructure can be decades or even centuries old and the information about structures and properties is scattered in different databases, often in paper format. Finding the right information about a certain area from these scattered storage files can take days and cause loads of extra work. Being able to use GISGRO as a database, combining various types of information about areas and facilities into digital format, creates huge possibilities for improving efficiency.


”We have the possibility to store and manage all survey data easily in GISGRO online-service, where we can independently access all survey data. This service lets us view, analyze and utilize the data for maintenance planning and budgeting in all phases of structures’ life-cycle.”

Jouni Hildén, Technical Planning Manager | Port of Turku

GISGRO in planning and maintenance

From everyday maintenance to big construction projects, all efficient operations require up-to-date information about the condition of the structures and the area, as well as current situation of the port. Uploading georeferenced survey data from above and below water line into a visual online platform, creates a digital twin of your port. This enables various opportunities for optimizing port planning and maintenance operations. For example, port operations can be guided directly from the platform, bringing cost savings due to saved time. When all asset data is in coordinates, it is easy to communicate with maintenance personnel about the needed work. To enhance the optimization opportunities, you can bring and integrate valuable data to GISGRO, such as information about traffic and weather.


“Our technical team and traffic services use GISGRO widely in daily operations. Tools such as work orders for maintenance personnel and ship allocation planning in traffic services facilitate our everyday work at the port.”

Ville Kuitunen, Sales Manager | Port of HaminaKotka


”The overall view in GISGRO simplifies the planning and implementation of targeted maintenance actions. In GISGRO, we can compare the datasets so we can quickly and easily see if unexpected changes have occurred.”

Mats Ekman, Project Manager | Port of Stockholm

GISGRO improving communication

Having a digital twin of your assets means you have more possibilities to visualize plans and communicate more easily. When all asset data is in one harbor management software, everyone involved has a quick and easy access to needed information. Visual 3D data is much more descriptive than written reports, so the message is clear even if the stakeholders have different backgrounds. In addition, a map-based digital twin is a user-friendly platform for searching and finding information.


“When we have all of our assets in GISGRO, enriched with additional data, we will be able to use it in every aspect of port operations from maintenance to sales. It does not only improve our communication internally and between different departments in the port, but also with customers and other stakeholders.”

Ville Kuitunen, Sales Manager | Port of HaminaKotka



How to Get Started with Digitalization?

It all starts with the data, but data is worth little unless utilized properly. Starting to manage your seaport assets digitally gives you a chance to concentrate in doing things better – instead of doing the same things over and over every day. Download Guide to Utilization of 3D Asset Data in Seaport Digitalization to read more about the benefits of seaport digitalization and what are the steps to get started.

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