Drone Data Is a Key Ingredient in Digital Twin

Drones are nowadays often seen flying above cities, woodlands or construction fields. Their versatile usability ensures that more and more industries have an interest in drone surveys and the drone data. In this article we discuss how you can enhance the digital twin of your asset with drone data.

The data is just data without a proper analysis

Well gathered drone data creates an accurate visualization of a certain asset or an area. When drone data is used in asset management, different tools are needed to get the useful information out of the data. Measurements, cross sections, volume calculations – all these provide important information of an asset. Many data processing software contain some measurement tools. In GISGRO, you can use various tools and do the analysis after visualizing the data.

Combine different 3D data for a comprehensive view of the asset

There are many different technologies to gather georeferenced 3D data, photogrammetry and LiDAR drone survey being only one of them. In most cases, more than one data survey method is needed in order to get a comprehensive view on the infrastructure and the assets. In GISGRO, you can combine for example sonar, laser and photogrammetry data in order to get a beautiful real-life image of your property from its each angle. You can upload most of the common survey data formats to GISGRO with an easy drag and drop feature, including for example .asc, .las and .obj.

Communication is the most important use for a digital twin

The digital twin is a virtual representation of an asset, and its most important benefit is to ease the communication between all parties involved in asset management. Enriching the model with additional documents, remarks and information is one important step, and finally you need to be able to share the data with your colleagues and partners. Easy-to-use online asset management software like GISGRO makes it simple, because it doesn’t demand installations or training.

If you want to discuss in more detail how GISGRO could unleash the possibilities of drone data, book a demo with our specialist, or read more about digital twins from our previous article.