Easier Maintenance Planning for Ports with Scheduled Inspections

Well planned and documented maintenance operations are not only cost-efficient, but also a requirement in many quality management and safety schemes in the port industry. In this blog, we present a workflow for asset managers to plan and assign regular inspections for assets in GISGRO online platform.

Various structures and equipment are needed to perform harbors’ complex operations. The port authority is responsible for keeping the physical assets in good condition to ensure safe and sound service for their clients and all the collaborators in the port area. As we develop GISGRO in close cooperation with the port industry, we have created an easy way for port maintenance crew to handle the assets under their administration. The workflow can naturally be applied also to other industries dealing with physical assets.

1 Update the inspections

Some of the assets have regular inspection cycles defined in legislation, standards or port’s own guidelines. The admin of your organization can schedule all the inspections occurring periodically to GISGRO by marking the assets to be inspected and the person responsible for the inspection. The designated person receives an information email about the upcoming inspection, so it will not get forgotten.

2 Do the inspection and add notes

We have designed the inspection tool to work seamlessly in mobile devices, because naturally most of the asset inspections need to be performed in the field instead of in the office. By opening the inspection tool, you see all the assets to be inspected in the map. In the mobile view, you can mark the inspections performed and add notes about the needed repairs or such. Photographs or other documents can be added for extra information.

3 Check the results and plan further actions

Now the inspection is done, and all the information saved. There might be findings that require further actions. You can send a work order to your subcontractor straight from the inspection tool, making sure the outcome is also archived in the inspection log. This helps in reporting, for example for quality management systems or management board.

Check the quick guide video to get a grasp on the easy maintenance planning in GISGRO. You can also book a demo with our specialist to discuss the needs of your asset management in detail.

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