Easier End of the Year for Surveyors – How to Make the Reporting Queues Shorter?

For surveyors, it’s likely been a busy summer in the field gathering data from seabed, port structures or with other survey projects. Now the hard drive is full of data, and the processing is about to start. The rest of the year looks busy, as all the deadlines are getting closer, and the clients are eager to get the results. How could you ease your work and improve the client experience at the same time?

Getting the data visualized and summing up all the notifications the client needs to know, then finalizing the deliverables so client can open them is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time. Especially the opening part may cause difficulties, as many of the clients lack the software and knowhow to open point cloud or CAD data.

We designed GISGRO to solve exactly this challenge.


Automated reporting saves time

After the data is post-processed, upload it to GISGRO online platform. This is where the magic happens. Add the survey information and additional report chapters, if needed. Visualize the data with color maps, contours, and soundings. Next, you can mark the important findings on the data, for example shallow areas or defects on structures. Emphasize the observations with analysis tools and attach pictures to them.

Everything you add as observations is automatically gathered into the survey report in GISGRO. You don’t need to cut and paste pictures and cross sections to a word document anymore! The reporting time can easily be halved with automating the routine stuff, and you can use your expertise more efficiently to analyzing the data.


Providing your clients an easy access to 3D data makes all the difference

Your clients have probably more than once struggled with accessing the 3D data. Maybe they just forward it to some consultant, or request screenshots of the visualized areas from you, leaving the 3D data totally underused. An online platform solves this problem, as your client only needs a web browser to access the 3D data you’ve shared.

Make your skills and expertise visible by providing your clients full benefits of the survey data! In GISGRO, they can view and analyze the data, communicate better via the platform, and you get the credit for the great customer service. All this with less hassle with the delivery.


Better customer experience with less reporting time may sound like a too big of a promise. But just give it a try and see whether that’s true. Try GISGRO survey reporting by starting a trial. We have prepared a demo data set for you to begin with, after that you can unleash your own survey data and see what your clients think when they see the 3D data with their own eyes, maybe for the first time. From our experience, they mostly say wow.


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