GISGRO Features

Making 3D Survey Data Utilization and Physical Asset Management More Efficient

Our features are designed to help you to fully utilize 3D survey data from structural inspection and design to daily optimization of physical asset operations. Check key features of GISGRO for surveyors and for asset managers.

Key Features for Surveyors

Easy upload

Simply drag and drop georeferenced 3D survey data files into the platform in a ZIP file.

Inspection tools

Mark observations, attach pictures, and add detailed information directly to the visualized 3D survey data.

Data visualization

Platform automatically visualizes the survey data in a 3D view as well as in 2D (map) view.

Measurement tools

Inspect the 3D survey data further, for example measure distances and depths, make cross-sections, draw polylines etc.

Adding information

Add milestones for inspection, depth labels to underwater data, and adjust colors of the 3D data.

Easy data sharing and reporting

Share the data easily by sending a an invitation link to GISGRO by e-mail. Generate an automatic inspection report in the platform.

Key Features for Asset Managers

Digital twin of the asset

View, share, and utilize georeferenced 3D asset data in one place, online. Compare data sets, follow progress, optimize operations.

CAD data imports

Import CAD data, such as IFC data models, and utilize it in asset design, planning, and management.

Data bank and remarks

Attach additional data, such as photos, CAD drawings, and documents. Mark/import assets, repair needs, and comments.

Communication in one place

 Communicate with asset stakeholders directly through the platform, as an example, send work requests to maintenance.

Measurement tools

 Measure distances and depths, make cross-sections, draw polylines and polycons, find coordinates, and more.


 Integrate data from other databases, for example weather data or AIS-data.

It is time to take your 3D survey data utilization to a new level

Even the finest 3D survey data is worth little, unless it is actively used in asset management. By utilization an online platform, you ensure all relevant data in in one place and accessible for everyone needed anytime, anywhere. Try GISGRO now for free, book a demo, or contact us for more information.

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