GISGRO Online Presentation

Schedule GISGRO Presentation to Discuss the Benefits of Online 3D Asset Management

Pick a suitable date and time from the calendar for a free 20-minute GISGRO presentation online. Our 3D Asset Management Specialist will introduce GISGRO asset management platform and discuss more about the benefits of digital asset management online, such as:

  • Clear visualization of 3D asset data
  • Easy sharing and access to 3D asset data for everyone involved – anytime and anywhere
  • Utilization of 3D data in preventative maintenance, design projects, and daily operations of the asset
  • And many more

The presentation is free and it does not bind you to anything. All you need is a computer/laptop, browser and an internet connection.

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Start the booking by clicking a suitable day on the calendar. After finishing the booking, you will receive a calendar invite to your e-mail, including a link to join the presentation.

GISGRO for Surveyors

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What Our Customers Say

”The overall view in GISGRO simplifies the planning and implementation of targeted maintenance actions. In GISGRO, we can compare the datasets so we can quickly and easily see if unexpected changes have occurred”

Mats Ekman, Project Manager | Port of Stockholm

”We have the possibility to store and manage all survey data easily in GISGRO online-service, where we can independently access all survey data. This service lets us view, analyze and utilize the data for maintenance planning and budgeting in all phases of structures’ life-cycle”

Jouni Hildén, Technical Planning Manager | Port of Turku