What are your port’s sustainability goals?

You may have already done or planning to make environmental investments to achieve your sustainability goals. Still, you are longing for an easy and understandable way to monitor and communicate the impacts of your efforts. Book an online tour from us to see the power of visualised environmental data. After seeing GISGRO Green, you’ll want to use the data for planning continuous improvements and better-informed decision-making, not just for obligatory reporting.

We are happy to help you achieve your port´s sustainability goals.


Environmental management system- for green port

Green port

Make environmental data easy to understand

Monitor the effects of maritime and land traffic, use of work equipment, energy and water consumption, and waste on port emissions. GISGRO Green is an environmental management system that automates emission calculations following EEA guidelines.


CO2 Equivalent
CO₂ Equivalent

Communicate easily about your port´s environmental impact. CO₂ Equivalent is a term used globally, calculated from the emissions of multiple greenhouse gases based on their global-warming potential.

 Emissions by equipment
Emissions by Equipment

Minimising emissions efficiently requires knowledge about the exact source of emission. Define the most polluting type of work equipment and target the electrification investments to those for the best results.

Scope distribution
Scope Distribution

Greenhouse gas protocol is a well-recognised method for ports to separate the sources of pollution – whether it´s due to port’s own business or other sources, such as purchased energy or stakeholder operations.


Port calls

Emission figures don’t tell the story by themselves. To understand the factors behind trends, compare the environmental information with port KPIs, such as port calls or handled cargo, to get the big picture right.

Utilise visualised data for

  • making better-informed decisions for environmental investments.
  • planning continuous improvements in environmental efforts.
  • monitoring impacts of environmental investments.
  • reporting emissions for environmental permit and certification, etc.
  • communicating with stakeholders about your environmental efforts.

The visual user interface helps to have a shared view of environmental impacts.



Port operations in a green port

Optimise processes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 

Digitalisation has a well-earned reputation for solving many challenges in optimising operations and reducing the environmental impacts of the port industry. GISGRO combines many digital tools to achieve your port’s environmental goals efficiently.

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Dublin Port assets
Integrations add real-time information on the digital twin. Picture: Dublin Port GISGRO account.

Green port

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