Without knowing where you are, environmental management of a port is like navigating in the dark. Make sure you have all the facts so your actions have the best effect for more sustainable future!

GISGRO Green – the comprehensive environmental management system for green ports.

The importance of environmental knowhow is greater than ever throughout the port industry, not only in green ports. Europe’s Green Deal, electrification, zero-emission targets… All those require that every port need to address their environmental impacts in policies and in action. For example, ESPO Green Guide set a goal for port authorities to perform an environmental inventory before 2025 to have a baseline for improvements.

Ports recognize the benefits of digitalization in being sustainable, but often getting there seems hard in from port personnel point of view. By working closely with the port industry, we have identified the main challenges and goals of ports and based on this, offer a solution for easily gaining the benefits of digitalization on the path for sustainability.

Why not choose the easiest tools for doing our part in saving the planet? We offer a comprehensive environmental management system which is state-of-art and easy-to-use at the same time. With GISGRO, every port can be green.

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A single hub for the port’s environmental data for efficient environmental reporting.

Unique industry know-how to ensure the right environmental aspects are prioritized in the port context.

Data input automatized or enabled via an easy user interface.


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A centralized view for management of the port´s environmental status via a graphical interface.

Effective utilization of data for supporting future planning and leading initiatives.

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Graphical data format and easy-to-use UI for better understanding and easy utilization of data in decision making.

Real-time environmental view, enabling better planning of investments and development initiatives.

Monitoring the impacts of development and projects.


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Easy data sharing with stakeholders through a visual user interface and data format.

Contextualizing data and information through visualization, enabling alignment and effective communication across operations and business.

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We regularly publish articles of the current hot topics in port industry, so read more about the challenges and solutions ports face in their quest for more sustainable future from our blog.

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We are also super interested about the ways environmental regulation, GHG targets and other emission reduction policies affect the daily work of ports. If you want to bounce ideas about how digital tools could help in reaching the goals, just hit the “Contact us” button below, or send email to our Environmental Specialist to chat more!


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