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Maximizing Quality of survey Data with Post-Processing

Maximum Survey Data Quality Ensures Maximum Value to Clients

Delivering the best possible quality survey data to clients is a great way to form long-term customer relationships and gain competitive advantage. Data post-processing is an integral step in maximizing the quality of the data.

This guide discusses the process of survey data post-processing, concentrating especially on point cloud data. The guide also provides tips on how sharing data online can help the client to utilize it in everyday operations.

Download the guide to learn more.

Guide Contents:
  1. What is point cloud post-processing
  2. Examples of hardware and software used in point cloud processing
  3. Three phases of point cloud post-processing
  4. How to ensure the maximum utilization of point cloud data 


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Examples of Utilizing Hydrographic Survey Data in GISGRO Online Platform


Create bathymetric charts, contours and soundings, and visualize target depth in map & 3D view.


Calculate volumes with few clicks only to optimize dredging operations, for example.

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