Case Study: How Port of Pietarsaari Benefits from Building a Digital Twin in GISGRO Cloud Platform

Port of Pietarsaari is a seaport on the western coast of Finland. The port handles about 1,4 million tonnage of freight annually, serving for example timber and paper industries’ needs. The port is using GISGRO platform as a tool in digitizing the port’s infrastructure. We got a chance to interview Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager of Port of Pietarsaari, about her thoughts on port digitalization.

As Technical Manager, Johanna is responsible for the port’s facilities and assets, making sure that they provide a safe environment for the port’s operations. Daily maintenance management, managing the asset information and development of the port area are all examples of tasks included in Johanna’s workday.


Information about the condition of the structures at one look

When Johanna started at Port of Pietarsaari in 2017, the asset information and drawings were scattered in folders and files, some digitized to PDFs and some still on paper. It was challenging to know which documents were up-to-date and whether some plans archived were ever even executed. Some 3D data from the seabed had been gathered to check the depths of the seaway, but the utilization of this data was somewhat unclear.

“Before receiving the survey data and the report via the GISGRO platform, we used to send the point cloud data from seabed surveys to consultants or to an engineering company for further analysis and reporting, without being able to view the data ourselves”, Johanna tells.


Port of Pietarsaari started using GISGRO when a survey, consisting both, the seabed and the quay structures, was delivered through the platform.

“The visual 3D model in GISGRO provided us significantly more information about the condition of the structures at one look in comparison to only receiving a report.”


3D asset management

3D view of the port in GISGRO


All data in one place improves operations and makes communication smoother

The 3D data from underwater quay structures was a starting point for the digitizing of the whole port. The next step was to gather photogrammetry data from the land areas with a drone and to combine it to the underwater data already uploaded to GISGRO. Also, the asset data, like gates, bollards and water posts, was added to the platform.

“The digital twin of the port helps enormously in planning. As an example, when planning a location for a new storage building, we used to confirm the measurements in different drawings and plans by actually going to the area. Now we can do the measurements in the office with GISGRO’s tools, being also able to pay attention to the transportation routes or location of the gates, for example”, as Johanna describes the benefits of digitalization.


Port of Pietarsaari plans to use GISGRO as a centralized database and as a tool for communication.

“Our port personnel can check the information they need quickly from GISGRO. We can add more assets, drawings and for example quays’ load bearing capacities to the database. Photographs of assets requiring repairs can directly be added to GISGRO and tagged with an exact location. Work order can then be sent to subcontractors from GISGRO”, Johanna lists the possibilities of GISGRO in port’s daily work.


Digitalization is a warmly welcomed phenomenon in Port of Pietarsaari. It is making the daily work smoother and enhancing the communication within the people involved in operations of the port.

“Yes, I certainly can recommend GISGRO to other ports. It is easy to use, and we didn’t need much introduction to get a hold of it”, Johanna concludes.


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