How to Ease the Adoption of a New Asset Management Platform?

Congratulations! You have decided to be a forerunner and to invest in new, groundbreaking technology. You are on a path to more efficient and productive future. Still, change is always challenging to many and especially the changes, which concern your everyday life often create resistance at least in the beginning. Change resistance is a well-studied phenomenon, so we collected few tips to aid the successful adoption of new technology in your organization.

Justify the change with real benefits

When you are adding a new technology to your asset management palette, the change doesn’t only affect the tech side, but also the ways of working, culture and even attitudes in the workplace. Think about the factors of your work which should be developed to enhance productiveness or job satisfaction and deliberate how the new technology suits those needs.

Consider also the different roles in your organization. Workdays, even within one team, can be very different, which needs to be taken into account when choosing the tools. Engage the team to join conversation and participate in validation of the new technology , because they are the experts of their own work. Keep in mind, though, that suspicion towards new technology is natural.

Communicate before, during and after the deployment

Traditional top-down management is not the most effective method for implementing new technologies. Make sure you inform everyone involved already in the early stages of the project. Listen to their concerns and feedback, remember to offer thorough guidance and share best practices for easy adoption and use.

Many platforms have communication tools as a feature, so consider encouraging the conversations there to help people to become accustomed to using the platform.

Do the changes in small steps

There is no need to hurry when adopting a new technology, because even the smaller changes can take six months to establish into your organization’s practices. Evaluate what is the most critical development step and start with that. In many asset management software, it is even more logical to get started with a certain asset information and add more information in later.

Make sure you can test the platform before making the decision and discuss with the suppliers about your organization’s needs and challenges to get the most suitable technology.

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