How to Easily Share Hydrographic Survey Data?

It is common scenario to gain perfect sonar data from a marine survey, needed for a certain project, but is hopelessly impractical to deliver. Bathymetric data can contain millions of points, hundreds of megabytes, and not to mention it requires a specific software to open. How can you ease your work and ameliorate the sharing of hydrographic survey data?

A Cloud-based Platform for 3D Data Sharing

GISGRO is a software designed for visualizing, sharing and utilizing 3D data. Your job is to gather and process quality data, the rest can be done in GISGRO. Just upload the survey data to the cloud-based platform, which processes it to the right location according to your survey’s coordinate system. You can then invite your clients, colleagues or other stakeholders to utilize the data just by sending an invitation via email. GISGRO has an easy-to-use user interface and does not require any installations, just a modern web browser and a decent internet connection. Try it yourself –get a demo account and see how smoothly 3D data flows online!

Measurement and Analysis Tools for Hydrographic Surveys

  • Visualize
  • Measure depths
  • Compare

In addition to easy sharing, GISGRO enables utilizing bathymetry data in many ways. You can view clearly visualized depth charts or choose a specific depth and use target depth tool to indicate areas above or below the chosen depth to verify navigational depths. You can compare two different datasets or visualize changes over time, for example when checking progress of a dredging project with weekly sonar data. The tools are developed with the help of experienced surveyors, so for example the comparison tool takes into account the natural variation in the SVP values, which may be ignored in the analysis.

Cost-effective Utilization of 3D Data

Traditional point cloud software is often expensive and requires a certain amount of know-how of the system. With GISGRO, you get a GISGRO Surveyor license for under 200 Euros per month and receive a variety of tools to interpret the data and make reports for your clients. Now you won’t have to wonder how 3D data can be shared, with GISGRO it is as easy as sending an email. Try it yourself by registering for a 14-day free trial.

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