How we at GISGRO ensure your port software change is a success?

We all recognize the situation where a brand-new shiny software is introduced to us, but it is soon noticed that no one knows how to use it and it starts to gather dust in a corner. We have also experience in trying to convince the last few contrarians to use a new software in our own company, so the face of change resistance is familiar to us! This is one of the biggest roadblocks on the path towards digital work in ports, so we wanted to enlighten you how we ensure your port software project is a success.


1. We listen.

Every port in the world is working on the same core business, keeping people and goods on the move around the globe. Still, there are many aspects which differ: organizational structure, environment, cargo types, culture. Therefore we, as a software provider, need to get a grasp of your port’s operations and the aspects affecting it.

Together we can figure out the best roadmap for your port’s digitalization. Combining all the port data into one platform as a digital twin is a perfect first step which already saves tons of time and resources. Maybe take the maintenance crew on board next and show how they can utilize that information in their daily work?

When we have a common understanding about the starting point, you’ll soon start to see why so many ports have chosen us.


2. We have experience in dozens of port digitalization projects.

Digitalization may seem a huge task because there is a vast amount of information in a port. We have digitized ports of different types and sizes; hence we can offer some best practices and recommendations for your use. Jenny Inkinen, Customer Success Specialist at GISGRO, describes a few main points in the starting phase of our co-operation with a port:


“The first step is to talk through the scope of the project, what is the data we want to digitize and who are the people involved. Our digitizing service includes both the planning and the actual digitizing work, as well as training your port’s personnel how to get the most out of GISGRO. My job includes to ensure that everyone involved are up to the task when the digital port is up and running, and the practicalities have been discussed with the organization’s admin and all the GISGRO users.”


Some might say that we have done our support team’s job easy, as the main target in development is to build software so easy to use that everyone can get it quickly.


“I certainly can recommend GISGRO to other ports. It is easy to use, and we didn’t need much introduction to get a hold of it”, Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager in Port of Pietarsaari states.


3. We got your back also after the first steps.

We know that the change does not happen over night. Therefore, we have a cross-disciplinary support team available for your questions. Our people can be reached via email or chat (read more about our superb support team here) and there has not been a question yet left unanswered!

Also, the digital port in cloud is just the first step. We want to be part of your digital path, figuring out the best routes for better practices and more efficient operations. Adding a new module for different department of a port or making integrations to new data sources are things of our expertise. By combining our knowledge and analytics of the software to your expertise on the everyday work in a port we can make a huge difference.


“We have been happy to see that our feedback has been welcomed, and the suggested improvements are often implemented quickly, even in the next upcoming platform deployment. We believe we can build our port management system further in GISGRO in the near future. Centralized management system also helps the team, as they only need to learn one new software instead of numerous different ones,” says Sanni Leino, Traffic Manager in Port of Uusikaupunki.



How about your port?

What are your aims and visions for digitalization? If you want to discuss about the steps towards more efficient port, just contact us!


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