Information Security in Cloud services

Cloud services are becoming a more and more popular way of storing and sharing data. The recent rise in remote working is speeding the development, as it is even more important to be able to work with the data anywhere. Still, information security is one of the main concerns in port industry when talking about digitalization. In this article, we discuss about information security in cloud services in general, and also how we ensure the safety of our clients’ data in GISGRO cloud service.

What is your password?

Verizon’s report on data breach investigations states that phishing and use of stolen credentials are the top two actions in security breaches. The user is the key link of a cloud service’s information security.

How you choose and store your passwords? Make sure you have a strong password and don’t hand it out to anyone. Your pet’s or spouse’s name, hobbies and other things you may share on social media are not good choices for a password. Make sure that you lock your computer when leaving your desk and use privacy screens when working in public places.

In GISGRO, the same principles of safe passwords apply. We are also working on the possibility to use your organization’s Microsoft Office 365 account for user federation. This allows the organization to manage the accounts simultaneously, meaning there are not several different accounts to be forgotten if for example an employee leaves the organization.

Use reputable cloud service providers and best practices

In general, the large cloud service providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have extensive security procedures, often going way beyond “regular” organization’s capacities. Security certificates of the providers require reliable processes to ensure the users’ data safety.

GISGRO runs within Amazon Web Services infrastructure and all communication to GISGRO service is encrypted with a Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) connections over hypertext transfer protocol, i.e. HTTPS.

Using AWS also means the server can be reached only with a specific security certificate. The database backups are done daily to ensure your data is safely stored. Our development team uses industry’s best practices for testing and administrating GISGRO platform.

We follow the latest advancements in information security

Cloud platform users are nowadays very aware of the information security and personal information regulations. As demanding audience as the port industry is a good pacesetter for the companies to invest in the best practices.

Our management system is certified according to ISO standards (9001, 14001 and 45001). The certification process of ISO 27001 standard for information security has also started. The standards’ principles on continuous improvement boosts our development and requires following the state-of-the-art methods and current legislation. We naturally apply GDPR regulations and you can read our privacy policy here.

If you have any questions regarding GISGRO’s information security, just contact Ville for the straight answers!

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