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Why go online? To make your and your clients life easy and to boost business. By using GISGRO to share and report 3D survey data to your customer, you make sure they keep using it over and over to optimize their operations.


GISGRO is developed by surveyors together with their clients.


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Platform for Easy Sharing and Utilization of 3D Survey Data. Anywhere, anytime.

Laser scanning and photogrammetry have become easy and cost-efficient ways to make 3D models of existing buildings and civil structures. The use of drones has enabled quick scanning of wide areas, and when combined with 3D GIS software, can be used for many different applications from spatial surveys to urban development.

GISGRO offers an easy way to get started with using 3D survey data to build a digital twin of the asset and utilize the data in everyday operations.

For a quick view, check the video. Or test GISGRO yourself by getting demo account credentials to your e-mail. If you want to use your own data, start a 14-day free trial. To discuss more, book a 20-minute online presentation with GISGRO specialist.

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  • Cloud-based platform for easy sharing
  • Available anywhere and anytime for surveyors, clients, anyone


  • Laser scanning
  • Photogrammetry
  • CAD-files


  • Add information to 3D data, photos, drawings etc.
  • Easy-to-use measurement tools for analysis and observations
  • Add comments and repairs, mark assets and more

USE CASE – 2D and 3D Drawings from 3D Survey Data

By uploading 3D survey data, such as point cloud, to GISGRO, you can visualize it and make an accurate 2D and 3D model of the structure by drawing the structure using GISGRO polyline and polygon tools. Finally, you can export the model in .dfx format.

The video shows a minute, how easy it is. For more use cases of online CAD tools, read our blog.

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Using BIM in Asset Management

Building information modeling (BIM) is an emerging technology in the construction industry and is becoming state-of-the-art in most of the world. While BIM is often used only in the planning phase of building, it could easily be enriched and its life cycle lengthened with current land surveying technologies. The plans may differ from the as-built situation, but they can be recorded with laser scanning of the structure, for example. The point cloud itself may act as BIM, if metadata and information are added. Today this is not only possible, it’s very easy—with GISGRO.

GISGRO is a tool for visualizing and analyzing different kinds of 3D data online in real coordinate and height reference systems. You can upload your processed point cloud or photogrammetry data to GISGRO, make observations, draw CADs, take measurements, and more. Add files, pictures or plans to your 3D model. Even larger data sets run smoothly in GISGRO. All you need is your web browser, without any additional software installation. Believe it or not, the future of 3D GIS software is already here, online.

Tap the real power of BIM and do more than you thought possible with your 3D data.

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