Master Your Harbor by Knowing Exactly What’s Going on Under Water

The survey vessel buzzes around the port’s sea areas for a day or two. A couple of weeks later, you receive a two-page report from the hydrographic surveyor saying the clearance depths are ok and nothing noteworthy was found in the seaway or quayside. The huge .txt file the surveyor sent will be saved in your hard drive, just like the previous one.

This is the case in many ports. Hydrographic surveys are done every year, and the port’s personnel might have never seen the actual data because of the lack of suitable software. The 3D data, often in the form of point clouds, is stored and soon forgotten.

Utilize the 3D survey data easily in cloud platform

Traditionally the software for point cloud utilization is pricy and tricky to use. If you just want to check the contours or look at the seabed erosion areas, you probably need to send the data to a consultant. But not anymore!

GISGRO online platform is designed to help harbor masters and port’s asset managers to utilize the survey data easily. The 3D data uploaded in GISGRO is beautifully visualized, so it is easy to check the condition of your port’s area and assets in detail. In addition, you have various analysis tools to measure or visualize the clearance depths and possible damages in the port structures. Check our previous blog to learn more about analyzing 3D survey data yourself!

Underused 3D data is a very common issue especially in smaller ports

James Hosken, team GISGRO’s Client Executive, believes that numerous ports could have more value from their regular hydrographic surveys by using GISGRO.

“The ports may use the data occasionally, needing some updated depth charts, for example. Cloud services offer a cost-efficient and easy way for 3D data utilization, without the hassle of sending data back and forth with a consultant. Just log in to GISGRO, open the dataset and download the contours in .dxf format with few clicks!”

If you would like to discuss the benefits of an online 3D platform in your port’s operations, just contact us via phone, email or LinkedIn. Make every gigabyte count!

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