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North Sea Port is a multimodal and cross-border port area that stretches from Vlissingen on the North Sea coast in the Netherlands, some 32 kilometers inland to Ghent in Belgium, connecting maritime cargo flows from all over the world to hinterland transport via inland shipping, railroads, pipelines, and motor ways. The vast port area with almost 60 kilometers of quays provides business opportunities for over 500 companies, and jobs for 100 000 people.

Ensuring effective and safe shipping is one of the main objectives of North Sea Port. Maintaining the port’s seaways and quay areas is an important part of this goal. North Sea Port has been using GISGRO in port asset management since 2019. In this article, we discuss the port’s experiences in using GISGRO and benefits they have gained from the platform.


How to utilize vast amounts of 3D data efficiently?

North Sea Port manages a huge amount of port structures both below and above waterline. Safety of navigation is a priority, so the seabed and quay walls are scanned regularly by the port’s internal surveying crew. With GISGRO, the survey team can easily share the 3D data with asset managers and other stakeholders.

One of GISGRO’s clear benefits is that everyone can see and analyze the 3D data without complex software, using just a web browser. The value of the survey data is increased tremendously because the utilization of data is easy and can be done in any location and at any time.

Port assets face harsh conditions due to the swells and tides, as well as currents from marine traffic. North Sea Port scans the quay walls regularly and uploads the data to GISGRO for easy analysis and utilization in maintenance planning.


“North Sea Port has invested plenty of time and resources for their surveying processes. I’m very happy to see that GISGRO is an important part of the asset management workflow in North Sea Port. GISGRO adds significant value by ensuring an easy access to their survey data for all stakeholders”, Ville Mäkeläinen, CBDO at GISGRO, says.


north sea ports quay

Under and above water quay inspections provide detailed data of the structures.
3D data gathered by North Sea Port's surveying crew.

Collaboration is the key in efficient port asset management

Port operations are performed in a constantly changing environment, so it is crucial that everyone involved are aware of the current situation. The beauty of online services lies in the timeliness of information; all the survey data is uploaded to GISGRO, where everyone can work with it and add observations or notes, if needed. The analysis tools allow closer examination, so that everyone can add their own expertise to the data and increase the value of data for maintenance decisions and operations.


“GISGRO allows our asset management department to visualize one of our most important assets that are hidden from the unaided eye. This helps us assessing the condition of these assets in a fast and accessible manner, which results in an optimal support to our day-to-day asset management processes and the digitization of it”, concludes Karel Saey, Asset Manager at North Sea Port.


North Sea Ports quays

Visualizing asset information aids in port maintenance. 3D data gathered by
North Sea Port's surveying crew.


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