Port Digitization Service

Wondering how to get started with port digitalization? Or how to optimize it? We have over 10 years of experience in helping ports to digitilize and go to cloud, so let’s get started.

Every port can be smart. Our role as your partner is to ease your transition to a digital work environment.

Digitalization is helping ports worldwide to become more efficient, green, and safe. The good news is that smart technologies are attainable for ports of all kinds. But it’s not just about the technology, it’s much more the people using it. Even the greatest tools are worth none unless used properly in everyday operations.

This is why we developed digitization services for ports. With over 10 years of experience, our digitization team is here to help you to get started with and support your path on using GISGRO platform to optimize your port.

Uploading and processing the data, API integrations, staff training – whatever is needed to achieve your goals. No matter what size your port is or how far along you are on your digitalization path, we got your back.

Our easy digitizing starting package contains everything you need to have in the basic digital twin of a port, and we take care of everything from uploading the data to training your staff. The prices start from only 5000 euros. Contact us to discuss more!


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port digital twin in GISGRO

What’s in it for your port?

Get your port’s digital twin up and running in a blink of an eye and start to enjoy the benefits!

Save time as we are doing the “heavy lifting” – we have done dozens of digitizing projects, so every piece of data is uploaded correctly.

Our turnkey solution ensures that your resources can be targeted to port’s daily work instead of digitizing.

What our customers say?

“The digital twin of the port helps enormously in planning. As an example, when planning a location for a new storage building, we used to confirm the measurements in different drawings and plans by actually going to the area. Now we can do the measurements in the office with GISGRO’s tools, being also able to pay attention to the transportation routes or location of the gates.”

Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager
Port of Pietarsaari

“The fact that we have access to the 3D data and can analyze and use it easily, makes a huge difference. GISGRO is very easy to use, so we didn’t need a lot of training to get hold of it. Still, every time we have questions, GISGRO team is ready to find the answers quickly.”

Joliem van Stokkem, Project Manager
Arcadis / Port of Moerdijk

GUIDE for Smart Ports

Reading this guide will give you insights why digital twin is not just a buzz word, but a practical way for improving your port’s efficiency.

We introduce the practice behind the concept of smart port and give concrete examples how to gain the benefits of digitalization in the everyday work in a port.

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