Port Maintenance


Optimise port maintenance team’s work

The mobile app of GISGRO is in your team’s pocket wherever they go, so you always have an up-to-date situational view of the condition of port’s infrastructure and needed actions. Analyse data to find the most efficient and sustainable ways to lenghten the life-cycle of port infrastructure. GISGRO helps you to optimise processes in port maintenance and construction planning, port maintenance budgeting, and port maintenance work.


Achieve goals by optimising work



Up to 30% more efficiently

Optimise information flow in the port by easily locating assets and repair needs, and sharing information online with coordinates. Efficiency occurs when reducing unnecessary work.



Zero incidents due to infrastructure

Evaluate the possible risks to port infrastructure and assets by analysing the data in GISGRO. Aim to predictive maintenance instead of reacting to incidents and repairing damages.



The forerunner in port sustainability

Manage the infrastructure life cycle with the digital twin of your port. Data-driven predictive maintenance enables a cost-effective and sustainable way of using assets.

Unlock your efficiency with digital twin

How much time and money could you save by optimising work? The answer is how much time you spend daily finding missing data from many systems and using time-wasting spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to share information with your colleagues in port and subcontractors. Not forgetting that you have a lot of data you can´t utilise because you don´t have software to open 3D files.

Visual and intuitive user interface

  • Every information uploaded or recorded on GISGRO, like 3D data and inspection tasks, can be found intuitively by clicking a “real-world” geospatial location on the online digital twin.
  • The visual and intuitive user interface is easy-to-use for even non-technical people.

The online tool with updated information

  • Visual data is easily understood and available online for all relevant team members anywhere and anytime via a web browser.
  • Information is always up-to-date, thanks to easy updating by happy online and mobile users and integrations to external systems like weather stations.

Easy-to-use mobile app

  • The maintenance team can access and record the information easily with their mobile devices in the field, also offline.
  • Time is no longer wasted, as you can see the exact location of the needed repair via mobile app.

Benefits of digital twin

“The digital twin of the port helps enormously in planning. As an example, when planning a location for a new storage building, we used to confirm the measurements in different drawings and plans by actually going to the area. Now we can do the measurements in the office with GISGRO’s tools, being also able to pay attention to the transportation routes or location of the gates, for example.”

Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager, Port of Pietarsaari

GISGRO is an online and mobile tool for

  • Data management
  • Data utilisation and analysing
  • Data sharing

GISGRO Port management information system

Tools for data management

GISGRO is a common database for all information and documents you need for daily port maintenance. GISGRO optimises the information flow between work shifts, departments, and stakeholders. And more, you can easily compare historical data of port infrastructure to the latest one to predict future changes for predictive maintenance.

Data with geospatial location

Example of assets:

  • Rental warehouses
  • Fire hydrants
  • Quays
  • Bollards

Example of map layers:

  • Electric cables
  • Digital Elevation Maps
  • Terrain Maps
  • Electronic Nautical Map

Upload data easily:

  • 3D data files and 3D models
  • Georeferenced asset data files
  • Georeferenced 360 ° photo files


Find assets easily

You can easily add additional information or attachments, like photos or contracts related to assets.

Information and documents for maintenance

Example of daily operational works:

  • Easy to find detailed technical asset information
  • Personal tasks lists and reports
  • Contracts and responsibilities for operational work
  • Record data easily online and offline

Keep your infrastructure running with:

  • Continual asset inspections
  • Maintenance plans
  • See development of assets with help of reoccurring inspections and related defects





Add notes, defects, or incidents

Personnel in port can notify the maintenance team about the needed repairs or report a defect or incident.

Tools for data utilisation and analysis

GISGRO is an easy-to-use tool for data utilisation and analysis in ports. Analytic reports are worth money when you utilise data for prioritising maintenance tasks, doing predictive maintenance, and budgeting. Here are some examples of the handy tools to get the most out of data.

View infrastructure and assets in 2D or 3D view

You can visualise underwater and port area data in 2D or 3D to get a full out of data in maintenance planning and daily work. Find asset data easily with a few clicks from GISGRO.

Create maintenance plans and perform inspections

You can schedule asset inspections, have reports available, and see if assets need attention.

Dashboard tool

You can view inspections and other maintenance tasks assigned to you from the dashboard immediately when you sign into GISGRO. This helps in planning your workday.

View & review reports

You can view completed inspections and export them as a list if needed, for example, for audits.


Tools for data sharing

Sharing information easily makes the daily work more efficient and saves time everywhere starting from the management to the work performed on ground. With GISGRO, you can share information also to different stakeholders in and around the port community.

Service requests

You can assign defects internally to your colleagues or to subcontractors. Subcontractors will receive an email with defect information and a link to the service request page with

  • the location of the defect,
  • information, and
  • selected additional information like assets and map layers.

Subcontractors can write notes on the defects and update the status. The port’s office team can use service request logs in GISGRO to verify invoices from the contractors.

Print the map as a PDF

The PDF printing tool enables downloading and printing of the selected part of the map view in PDF format. It can contain volume calculation and measurements of the areas or assets on the map, which you need when sharing plans with stakeholders.

Shareable map

With a sharable map, you can inform the port visitors about construction areas or maintenance tasks. You can also use the shareable map to inform contractors about the dredging or other plans. Details affecting the plan can be shared visually to support the discussions with partners. See the example of a shareable map on the webpage of Port of Turku.


Modules for port maintenance needs

GISGRO is Port Management Information System with modules that suites your port business needs. Contact our sales team if you have any questions about modules for asset management and maintenance needs.


Digital twin

Drag and drop files to the map:

  • 3D data files and 3D models
  • Geoferenced asset data files
  • Geoferenced 360 ° photo files

Smart tools:

  • Visualisation tools for 2D and 3D data
  • Export tools
  • Measurement tools


  • Shareable map
  • Business intelligence



Record information:

  • Defects
  • Assigned tasks
  • Maintenance plans & inspections
  • Service requests

Smart tools:

  • Cross-section tool
  • Wall analysis tool
  • Volume calculation tool





Shift planner

Smart tools:

  • Shift planning
  • Work time tracking
  • Work time rules & employee groups


  • Payroll software






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