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Turbocharge your port operations

No one knows your port better than you. But if the information you rely on to make time-critical decisions is spread across multiple databases, it can be difficult for your port to operate at its full potential. GISGRO offers a perfect combination of asset information and real-time situation map for safer and more efficient port operations!

Traditionally you need several different software and even pens and paper in planning and scheduling berthing, and taking care of the safety aspects of marine traffic. If you just want to check the contours or look at the seabed erosion areas, you probably need to open some complicated 3D software or send the data to a consultant. But not anymore!

With GISGRO online platform you are always one step ahead, as we designed the platform to help harbor masters and the VTS crew to utilize the survey and asset data easily. The 3D data uploaded in GISGRO is beautifully visualized, so it is easy to check the condition of your port’s area and assets in detail. In addition, you have various analysis tools to measure or visualize the clearance depths and possible damages in the port structures, and to plan upcoming vessel traffic to optimize the use of resources. Interactive integrations such as AIS or weather station give even more confidence on your decision making.

The port operations module in GISGRO includes everything you need for safe and efficient port operations. Contact us to discuss your port’s situation in more detail!

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What’s in it for your port?

Berth plans are quick to make and check online, and they are easily available for everyone needed. No more using paper maps, Paint or CAD in berth planning!

Save money from software costs as all the hydrographic information (also in 3D) can be saved AND utilized in the same software.

Correct information on UKC improves port’s safety as well as efficiency as the maximum amount of cargo can be loaded.

What our customers say?

”Our department produces and operates with a range of different types of data: multibeam and laser scans, orthoimages, and 3D reference models. For example, earlier we used to deliver underwater structural scan data to our in-house clients in 2D format. With GISGRO, we can assist them by enabling the easy access and utilization of different 2D and 3D data.”

Thomas Thies, Head of Hydrographic Data Collection
Hamburg Port Authority

“When we have all of our assets in GISGRO, enriched with additional data, we will be able to use it in every aspect of port operations from maintenance to sales. It does not only improve our communication internally and between different departments in the port, but also with customers and other stakeholders.”

Ville Kuitunen, Traffic Director
Port of HaminaKotka

Modules for port operation team

GISGRO is Port Management Information System with modules that suites your port business needs. Contact our sales team if you have any questions about modules for port operation needs.


Digital twin

Drag and drop files to the map:

  • 3D data files and 3D models
  • Geoferenced asset data files
  • Geoferenced 360 ° photo files

Smart tools:

  • Visualisation tools for 2D and 3D data
  • Export tools
  • Measurement tools


  • Stakeholder portal
  • Dangerous goods
  • Business intelligence


Vessel traffic

Smart tools:

  • Port call management
  • Port call visualisation
  • Vessel service orders
  • Berthing planner
  • Bathymetric tools


  • AIS
  • Weather systems





Cargo traffic

Smart tools:

  • Quantity import
  • Statistics
  • Connection to port call


  • Port management software






GUIDE for Smart Ports

Reading this guide will give you insights why digital twin is not just a buzz word, but a practical way for improving your port’s efficiency.

We introduce the practice behind the concept of smart port and give concrete examples how to gain the benefits of digitalization in the everyday work in a port.

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