Port Operations

GISGRO modules for Port Operations.


Enhance marine operational efficiency

The safety and efficiency of port operations depend on users making accurate decisions with up-to-date data and keeping all stakeholders informed. With a few clicks of a button, GISGRO can combine all information needed to manage and organise port operations in a single digital environment. GISGRO includes various modules to aid the everyday work of port operations managers, personnel and port stakeholders.

GISGRO Vessel traffic


For harbour masters

Accept and manage berth reservations and vessel service orders

Manage and plan port or berth calls with help of geographical and bathymetric data

Create detailed berthing plans

Fulfill service orders requested for port call

Get a receipt of completed services with used resource


For shipping agents

Request, edit and manage bookings

Automated berth suggestions based on time, services required and ship dimensions

View historical port calls and the associated data

Manage ship registry

Keep updated via a live situational map of the port

Digital twin GISGRO


For all port employees

View infrastructure and assets such as quays, berths, bollards, etc.

Integrate real-time live data e.g., AIS, wind and tide

Create charts, visualise clearance depths, and calculate dredging volumes with bathymetric survey data

Plan vessel allocation via digital twin


For operational staff

View upcoming tasks to allocate relevant resources (personnel and equipment)

View assigned tasks and equipment with exact locations

Complete the task with the used resources




For harbour masters

See available personnel in the port for service tasks

Plan personnel shifts with the port-specific requirements

Track working time with port-specific rules and employee groups



What our customers say?

“Our VTS (vessel traffic services) will be able to plan berthing operations using GISGRO and the KTP tool will be able to provide AI solutions to planning the arrivals, movements and sailings reducing the time it takes to create berthing plans and enabling them to react to last minute plan changes without having to spend long periods of time reworking the day’s movements.”

Alexander Bisset, IT Manager
Port of Aberdeen

“GISGRO includes all of the tools for the safe, efficient and effective management of the Port including asset management, bathymetry and vessel planning. The ability to visualise the Port environment and information is of great benefit for our marine teams and key stakeholders creating a shared mental model.”

Tristan Murphy, Assistant Harbour Master
Dublin Port Company

How GISGRO helps in port operations?

Reducing port turnaround time is doable by minimizing the waste of work with GISGRO.  Information in GISGRO lets you plan a smooth port call with an optimal berth and needed services. In GISGRO, you see all port calls and have a visual and easy-to-use planning tool for the berthing. Integrations such as AIS or weather stations give even more confidence in your decision-making. All the data recorded to GISGRO helps you also analyse, for example, response times of port services and make data-driven improvements in port operations.

gisgro port call management

Involve your stakeholders!

gisgro calendar in community module

Via the Community module, bookings can be requested and managed with all relevant information accessible to stakeholders. GISGRO is a single source of truth for all port call information, visualised in an easy-to-understand map view with an integrated calendar.

GUIDE for Smart Ports

Reading this guide will give you insights why digital twin is not just a buzz word, but a practical way for improving your port’s efficiency.

We introduce the practice behind the concept of smart port and give concrete examples how to gain the benefits of digitalization in the everyday work in a port.

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