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Surveyor License

When you need a handy tool for 3D survey data delivery and reporting to clients. With GISGRO you can invite clients to see visualized 3D data with your observations online, without any additional software installations. Your clients can further utilize the data in optimization of their asset maintenance and operations.


  • Easy 3D survey data upload and sharing
  • 3D data visualization
  • Hydrographic data visualization
  • Data additions: milestones for inspection, 3D data color adjustment, depth labels, and more
  • Observations with attachments
  • Measurement and drawing tools
  • Automated client report generation


149€ / month / user (annual billing)*
199€ / month / user (monthly billing)*

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Sharing Data with Clients in GISGRO

Share your survey data and observations with your client simply by sending them an e-mail link to view them in GISGRO. Your clients can use GISGRO for free for 14 days, during which they can download the data and report from the system. After the free period, the clients can continue using GISGRO by purchasing a license with:

69€ / month / user (annual billing)*
99€ / month / user (monthly billing)*

*One user license includes: 50 GB bandwidth use per month | 50 processed data sets per month | 50 GB storage. If you need more, contact us.


Asset Management License

When you want to utilize georeferenced 3D survey data efficiently in asset management. With GISGRO, you can build a digital twin of your asset, allowing you to view, share, and utilize 3D asset data in one place to save time, costs, and resources. GISGRO is an easy-to-use online tool for smart digital management of your physical asset from design and planning to daily operations.


  • Easy 3D asset data sharing and communication with all stakeholders in one online platform
  • 3D data visualization
  • Hydrographic data visualization
  • Data bank: enrich survey data with photos, CAD drawings, and more
  • Measurement and drawing tools
  • CAD data imports
  • Remarks: mark assets, add comments and repair needs
  • Work orders to maintenance
  • Data integrations: integrate data from other databases, for example weather data or AIS-data, to optimize the planning & operations of the asset

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