QPS Users Receive a Shortcut to Online Data Sharing And Reporting in GISGRO

The year 2020 gave us a tangible example about the value of online services. Remote working became the new normal, and offices around the world discovered the need for easily accessible information. This also affects the surveying industry; how can we ensure the data we provide is usable anywhere, from workplaces to home offices?

The surveyors are facing the immediate need for updating the working procedures to match the current situation. Increased competition, remote working and digitalization are the drivers for updating the workflows. GISGRO platform offers the surveyor companies an opportunity to easily share survey data online to their clients in an easy-to-understand visual format. Now it is possible for QPS users to share data through GISGRO even more easily than before.


Serving clients better with easy online delivery

One issue in the surveying industry is the scarce utilization of the survey data by the clients. A surveyor spends a small fortune to the high-end equipment, and hours of work in polishing the data to the highest accuracy. Still, because of the lack of suitable software, the client might not even be able to see the data.


It takes a lot of effort from a surveyor to collect data, and that is why it makes sense to make the data available in a way that stakeholders can interact with the data themselves. Our goal is that users really interact with the survey data and find insights that way.


GISGRO adds value to the whole supply chain from the surveyor to the utilizer of the data. With the integration the value is gained through a seamless workflow from the surveying and processing software all the way to the client’s laptop, where the survey data actually gets into use.


Changing the hydrographic industry

Cooperation between QPS and GISGRO changes the ways hydrographic data is utilized. The companies share innovative and forward-looking mindset. The challenge of making the most out of survey data is something the clients are just starting to realize.


The surveyors are making the transition from delivering an end product to just making the data available. This step leads to the insight that you can do more with the data. For example, in GISGRO the survey data can immediately be used to inform other stakeholders and to take action.


QPS software users gain the advantages of online delivery simply by registering to GISGRO as a QPS user and downloading GISGRO Uploader, which enables uploading qpd-files and other supported data formats to GISGRO. If you have QPS Qinsy 9.4 version (or newer), you will have a straight access from Survey Manager to access the GISGRO Uploader for further analysis and sharing to client.

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