GISGRO Release Notes

GISGRO Release Note

February 10, 2020


For surveyors

  • The trial user has an option to ‘create demo’ by uploading demo data (provided by us) instead of uploading own point cloud data file. Watch here to find out how: How to get started with GISGRO – Free Trial
  • Different separators are now supported in point cloud files. read more in here: Upload data and file format
  • The surveyor can now upload .las file format in point cloud, an industry standard binary format that is more compact, and takes less processing time.
  • Observations can now be made without having to add milestones as a prerequisite . Read here for more info: Observations

For asset managers

  • The UX of the map tools has been updated
  • Users can now add work orders to asset remarks as well as repair remarks. Read here for more info: Work Orders
  • You can now easily import your assets to GISGRO. More info here: How to import Assets
  • Exports can now be taken of contours and soundings. Read here for more info: Export contours and Soundings 
  • The survey area (Map View) selection pop-up is replaced with a side panel on the right.
  • Remarks status for any repair remark can be updated from a drop down menu by anyone directly. You can choose from an option of 4 status updates. Read here for more info: Repair
  • Picture attachments to any Assets, Repairs or Comments can now be downloaded by simply clicking the download icon adjacent to the picture.