Save 2/3 of Your Structural Inspection Time with 3D Online Reporting

Have you ever struggled with the fact that  3D data is not easy to interpret or deliver to the client? Have you ever put together reports containing screenshots from your data to highlight your findings to the client?

How to Reduce 60% of 3D Reporting Time And Enable Your Clients to Easily Utilize Your Survey Data?

The structural surveys usually demand some level of interpretation, especially the point cloud data is difficult to understand without experience. Even more critical is the issue that the client cannot even open the point cloud data without a decent software and expertise. The old way of 3D reporting demands a lot of manual work needed to compile the entire presentations of a survey to the customer.

GISGRO is an online 3D reporting software designed to ease the communication between different stakeholders and improve the utilization of 3D data in asset management. With the guided workflow for 3D reporting, it is easy to generate understandable and visual presentation of 3D survey data. GISGRO enables uploading the data to a cloud-based system, where you can easily visualize it, and pinpoint observations. The report is automatically generated from the observations with screenshots and possible additional pictures in GISGRO, where your client can download it.

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After publishing the survey, you can invite your client to access the data simply by sending an invitation via email. The data can be shared with all relevant stakeholders, letting them add their remarks and additional information. The client can analyze the 3D data, make measurements or even use CAD drawings. GISGRO Surveyor license includes a 14 day trial for each client, after which you or the client himself can buy longer license period to continue utilizing the data in asset management.

The Trend of Digitalization Promotes Increased Utilization of 3D Data

Many organizations are nowadays aiming on digitalizing their assets, which means an increasing amount of 3D data. The utilization of 3D data is still limited by software and skills. GISGRO, however, enables surveyors to be an important link in making digital twins common in asset maintenance, by offering an easy and quick way for 3D reporting.

If you want to see in more detail how GISGRO can ease your work and save time in 3D reporting, watch the video below, read more about GISGRO for surveyorsbook a free 20-minute online live demo with our 3D Asset Management Specialist or get a free demo account. Or, just go ahead and start a free 14-day trial right away!

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