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Online Platform for Sharing, Reporting, and Visualization of 3D Survey Data

With GISGRO online platform you can easily share and visualize 3D asset survey data with clients and help them to utilize the data further to optimize operations. You can use GISGRO with a variety type of survey data:

  • Structural surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Drone surveys

On top of easy sharing of the data, GISGRO provides all you need for 3D reporting with an easy user interface, guided workflow for inspection, and versatile tools that help you and your clients to gain real benefits from the 3D survey data.  3D data is more understandable, reporting is quicker, and you can enrich the data with for example with observations, remarks, and many more.

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  • Survey data in visual and easy-to-digest format
  • All data sharable online in one platform – no need for massive file transfers or specialized software
  • Online – accessible anywhere, device independent


  • Guided workflow for the reporting
  • Map-based observations in 3D view
  • Add attachments to observations – photos, drawings etc
  • Automated visual report to the client


  • Asset data in one platform accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Increased efficiency and extended asset life-cycle by utilization of real-time data in asset operations and preventative maintenance
  • Enhanced safety due to comprehensive and accurate view on the asset

Maritime Survey

Sonar scanning of structures and hydrographic surveys beautifully visualised with observations handy in the data.

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Land Survey

Land survey data can be huge and delivering to the client tricky. With Gisgro all data can be seen and handled online.

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Key Features for Surveyors

Easy upload

Simply drag and drop georeferenced 3D survey data files into the platform in a ZIP file.

Inspection tools

Mark observations, attach pictures, and add detailed information directly to the visualized 3D survey data.

Data visualization

Platform automatically visualizes the survey data in a 3D view as well as in 2D (map) view.

Measurement tools

Inspect the 3D survey data further, for example measure distances and depths, make cross-sections, draw polylines etc.

Adding information

Add milestones for inspection, depth labels to underwater data, and adjust colors of the 3D data.

Easy data sharing and reporting

Share the data easily by sending a an invitation link to GISGRO by e-mail. Generate an automatic inspection report in the platform.

Help Your Clients to Maximize the Value of 3D Data

Whether you fly with drone or dive with a ROV, gathering top-notch 3D survey data from assets above or below water. You carefully process this data and see that there is important information for your client. Proud of your good work, you send a Dropbox link and wait for the praise. Then the client calls. ”My computer crashed when I tried to open your link.” Or, ”I don’t have the correct software to open the data you sent me.” Sounds familiar?

What if you could send the data and be sure that it’s easily usable by your client? Just upload, mark your observations and send your client an invitation link to access the data. All you and your client need is a web browser. This is possible with GISGRO online platform.

After receiving the GISGRO link your client can start fully utilizing your survey data in digital asset management and optimizing operations. The platform enables gathering all asset data into one place accessible for all stakeholder anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, the asset manager can create a digital twin of the asset, enrich the data with for example material test reports, drawings & photographs, and remarks, and even manage work orders directly through the system.

Start using GISGRO and help your clients get the most out of 3D survey data.

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