Sustainability goals are a lot closer with GISGRO Green

GISGRO Green, a next-generation environmental management software, changes the way ports utilise environmental information to achieve their sustainability goals. Previously ports have ordered or made environmental reports infrequently. With GISGRO Green, ports can monitor automatically calculated environmental emissions and utilise up-to-date data whenever needed in planning and decision-making.

GISGRO Green calculates air emissions data automatically from vessel traffic. The system utilises state-of-the-art technology and emission calculation methods following European Environmental Agency’s guidelines.

“We help ports to collect the needed environmental data – port calls, vessel information, and distances in the port area. After that, data can be uploaded to GISGRO Green using spreadsheets or through integrations, and the software is ready to do calculations. As easy as that”, says Pia Asikainen, HSEQ Manager in GISGRO Ltd.

Environmental information is easy to compare to KPIs

GISGRO Green also visualises emissions from land traffic, use of work equipment, energy consumption, water consumption, wastewater, ship-generated waste, and other waste.

Ports can easily monitor their environmental impacts with visualised data and look into more detailed information such as CO2 equivalent, emission distribution by vehicle type, scopes according to GHG Protocol, and so on.

Emissions by equipment Scope distribution CO2 Equivalent

“With GISGRO Green, environmental information is not buried in multi-page environmental reports but can be efficiently utilised in environmental management work to reduce emissions. In the future, comparing the environmental information to port Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as port calls or handled cargo, will bring more value to ports”, Asikainen points out.


GISGRO Green is developed to meet clients’ needs

GISGRO Ltd. has offered cloud-based software for emission calculations already for 15 years in Finland. GISGRO Green is a next generation version of the environmental management software and developed in a collaboration with Finnish ports.

“With our clients’ contribution we have developed a system that really helps port personnel to have a shared view of environmental impacts. We are on our mission to offer an easy-to-use tool for every port in the world which they can use to meet the international regulations and achieve their sustainability goals”, Asikainen says.


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