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Extensive port areas frequently host a multitude of assets that remain unmapped, their data scattered across disparate files and systems. Consequently, managing these assets becomes laborious and time-consuming. At the same time, every port worker invests valuable working time locating assets to perform maintenance, security, or other HSEQ-related tasks. The implementation of a geospatial digital twin for the port presents an opportunity for substantial progress, offering visual tools to streamline the processes involved in managing, utilising, and sharing data. Accessibility of data is crucial for effective Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) management.



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Know your port better than ever

With a visual database, data is not just available but also effectively usable by every port worker – and easily shareable with stakeholders.

Data management

  • Mapping georeferenced data
  • Supplementing additional information



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Data utilising

  • Search and filter action
  • Measurement tools
  • Remind me action
  • Setting defects for assets


Data sharing

  • User management
  • User group management
  • Data export tools



Digital twin GISGRO

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Optimise data management

Where are your port’s safety equipment, evacuation zones, and reception facilities located? Increase efficiency in daily operations in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) by mapping assets, 360° photos, and map layers in a single cloud-based system. Data with exact locations and additional information, such as attachments and reminders for yourself, makes a difference in sustainability work.

Mapping georeferenced data

Fire extinguishers, security cameras, sampling areas, port reception facilities, and other HSEQ-related assets can be mapped with exact locations to the digital twin.


360° photos provide a panoramic view, e.g., presenting the exact locations of defibrillators within buildings. They are valuable tools for enhancing safety training and meetings.


In HSEQ work, map layers such as ecological maps can show data about the natural environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity in a port area.



Supplementing additional information

Assets include fields for additional information, such as descriptions, links, categories, tags, and attachments. All information is accessible via desktop and mobile browsers.


Location and georeferenced coordinates are basic information needed for assets, 360° photos, and map layers in digital twins.


You can use digital twins for efficient work management. Set task reminders and report asset defects easily (a feature integrated into the GISGRO Maintenance module).


You can find information easily by browsing the digital twin of your port.

Digital twin GISGRO

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Utilise data easily in daily work

Storing all information in a single system can be highly advantageous for port workers across different departments. GISGRO is an excellent tool that not only stores visual data as a digital twin but also offers useful features to help in work management. Many ports have gained benefits from GIS-based systems, e.g., in incident reporting, safety training, maintenance work, equipment inspections, and compliance with standards and certifications.

Search and filter action

You can view data easily through the digital twin. Additionally, you can apply search filters to locate specific assets, such as fire extinguishers within the port area.


Predefined tags and categories are convenient identifiers that help to group and filter data efficiently to view them on a map view.



Measurement tools

You can utilise the map view to take measurements, e.g., to obtain background information on distances in the port area for emission calculations.


After the measurements are taken, they will be saved in the GISGRO Green database. This information will serve as background data for land traffic emission calculations.

Remind me action

You can ensure that no asset-related task is left undone by setting reminders for yourself.


In the GISGRO dashboard, you can easily view reminders.





Setting defects for assets

Did you notice defects in assets? You can report defects from the field to the maintenance team with the GISGRO mobile (a feature integrated into the Maintenance module).


Defect reports help the maintenance team to prevent breakdowns, ensure safety, extend the lifespan of assets, and minimise operational disruptions.

Visual data makes complex processes more tangible, improving comprehension, problem-solving, and performing tasks efficiently.




Digital twin GISGRO

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Share data to boost collaboration

Sharing relevant data is essential for enhancing collaboration, facilitating informed decision-making, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall effectiveness within ports. A visual database enables different port departments to centralise information that might otherwise be dispersed across various files and individuals. This shared situational view is instrumental in maintaining operational quality, especially in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) management, as well as in fostering productive collaborations with stakeholders.

User and user group management

User management is a essentila feature because it ensures that users have the appropriate level of access and functionality tailored to their roles and responsibilities.

User groups facilitate teamwork by ensuring members access relevant information and functions. This can improve productivity and coordination in teams.

Data export tools

GISGRO data export tools empower users and organisations by providing the flexibility to use, analyse and share their data according to their needs.

Users can, e.g., export spreadsheets to incorporate data as attachments in reports or print map views of a port and its associated assets to share with stakeholders.

Data security is guaranteed with access rights and permission levels.

Digital twin GISGRO

Technical details


Asset management
360° photo management
Location management
User management
User group management
Remind me


Measurement tools
PDF print tool
Data export tool

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