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Effective communication could prevent most injuries and damages in port. The improvements in communication are improvements in safety culture – safety must be everyone´s priority. GISGRO offers port-specific Health and Safety communication tools, including incident reporting, management, and emergency planning. The processes are managed through the port’s digital twin, which you can also use for mapping Health and Safety assets, such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators, and first aid kits. Health and Safety data with exact locations in a single system guarantees consistent communication and shared situational awareness as part of daily work in the port.



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Improve safety communication with GISGRO

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Incident reporting

  • Online reporting via digital twin
  • Access to an incident´s lifecycle


Incident management

  • Online work management
  • Incident analysis via the digital twin


Emergency planning

  • Emergency plan with georeferenced elements
  • Emergency training with a digital twin


GISGRO Health & Safety

Report incidents in the fieldPhone_Health and safety_GISGRO

If incident reporting is not easy enough online, port workers find it hard to stop and report while working. To prevent serious injuries from occurring in the future, reporting any injuries, accidents, property and equipment damages, and even near-misses is crucial. With pre-made reporting templates and automatically recorded data in GISGRO, incident reporting is so handy that performing it becomes a habit – not extra work during a busy day.



Online reporting via digital twin

Port workers can perform incident reporting quickly by filling in a pre-made template that allows them to upload any file type, including images.


The process is as fast as possible with some automatically recorded data like georeferenced coordinates.


The exact location of the incident is crucial in locating the place efficiently afterward for maintenance work, for example.


Access to an incident´s lifecycle

Port workers can only access the lifecycle data of their own incident reports. They are not authorised to view other reported incidents.


Transparency of safety actions optimises communication and increases shared situational awareness between management and the workforce.

Incident reporting follows the common procedure in ISO safety standards with descriptions and immediate and suggested actions.


GISGRO Health & Safety

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Manage the corrective and preventive actions

Reporting the incident to management is necessary to take corrective actions and measures to prevent similar or worse occurrences in the future. The port authority needs to have a full picture of the situation to minimise damage to people, assets, and the environment. Proactive health and safety work becomes systematic when each report is gathered into a single system and processed consistently, thanks to GISGRO´s standardised incident management process.


Online work management

The port authority can instantly assign actions, for example, to the maintenance team or subcontractors based on required corrective and preventive measures.


The incident management process includes, for example, status updates on corrective and preventive actions taken.


Nothing forgets to be done because all incident-related work is centralised in a single system with the possibility to set reminders for yourself.


The gathered data is ready to be exported and used as part of annual official reports.

Incident analysis via the digital twin

Analysing incidents is possible when information is gathered with identifier tags and other details on a single system.


The complete history of handling the incident is documented automatically.


Port authorities can filter incidents with tags, for example, to reveal hot spots where specific incidents, like near misses, happen mostly on a map.


Analysed data helps to make more qualified decisions on continuous development in health, safety, environmental and quality issues.


Safer port for the people and the environment

“If ports want to encourage their staff to inform management about safety risks and to monitor and document how incidents are handled, more intuitive and user-friendly tools do the trick. The visuality of the platform also reveals the HSE risks easily, as you can see with just one look where the near misses happen.”



GISGRO Health & Safety

Share a visual emergency plan with everyone involved

If an emergency hits, standardised actions are valuable to prevent more harm from happening to people, assets, and the environment. To accelerate actions, a visual, map-based emergency plan with exact locations helps everyone involved locate exit routes or safety equipment. The plan is easy to share as a PDF print. Furthermore, GISGRO offers an up-to-date situational awareness view of temporary construction sites or any circumstances that need to be considered during an emergency.

Emergency plan with georeferenced elements

A starting point to make an emergency plan is to open a port digital twin, i.e., a port map with georeferenced assets.


Making an emergency plan with text, icons, or drawings is handy for an online map.


With GISGRO, an emergency plan is easy to keep up-to-date and email as a PDF to stakeholders.

Emergency training with a digital twin

A visual emergency plan is handy for safety training to demonstrate exit routes or other safety-related issues on a map.


Besides an emergency plan on a port map, good training materials using digital twin are also georeferenced assets and 360° photos.


Safety training is more accessible to organise in class utilising the visuality and realness of the digital twin than spending time walking through the real port.

Use Digital Twin for mapping assets. With GISGRO, data becomes accessible to anyone who needs it.



GISGRO Health & Safety

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Incident reporting
Incident management
Emergency planning


Incident export tool
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