The benefits of a centralised port data platform – GISGRO 2.0

We are continuously striving to improve GISGRO’s solutions for ports. Our next step of development includes combining features targeted to help different parts and teams of a port together as modules.

With this update, ports can more easily plan their digitalisation path as they can first tackle the most urgent needs for development in their workflow and later move on to the next parts of the operation. We have also put together digitising services to get you started.

With GISGRO, it is easy to create a digital twin of a port and utilise it in your port’s everyday work.  


Being a smart port means the smart technology is integrated into everyday operations

Digitalisation has brought us tons of different digital tools. Data storage and utilisation are often separated (for example, you save point cloud files in some folders and need to open them with different software), but we combined those into one common data platform.

GISGRO gives ports the opportunity to gather data from underwater surveys to drone photogrammetry and CAD files in the same place.

Added with other asset information, reports, and tacit knowledge of your personnel, the platform enables utilising the whole database in smart asset management, whether it means planning suitable maintenance intervals for assets or speeding up customer service. 

Seeing the port’s assets in one view improves situational awareness. Are the different functions in optimal locations? Is there room for improvement? Sometimes the nature of work demands a limited view, so we added more possibilities to limit access for different user groups.  


Smooth co-operation is a must in the maritime transport industry

In the port environment, the number of stakeholders can be dozens. Maintenance team, pilots, stevedoring, and transportation companies operating in the same area. Sharing information is necessary for smooth operations. 

In GISGRO, the port can easily share the information needed for different functions. The selected stakeholders of your port can be added as a user to the port’s GISGRO account to get hold of the information you grant access to them.

For others, you may conveniently gather and print the needed information to a PDF report, for example. Both ways decrease the time and effort needed in everyday communications. 

Your port’s maintenance team can access the information on their mobile devices in the field, or a technical manager can email service requests directly from GISGRO. 

Georeferenced asset information helps find the correct locations easier, reducing the need to double-check all the tasks. You can also conveniently send a dredging plan in the map view directly to the contractor in GISGRO. Saving resources is one good reason to start digitising! 

Digitalisation does not have to be difficult when you have the right tools. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible.


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