The Benefits of a Cloud 3D Data Platform for Surveyors

The cloud technology is becoming more widely used in every industry. The benefits of cloud are obvious, starting from affordable storage space to easier access and sharing. Surveyors are used to traditional desktop software, but cloud service providers have often invested in easy-to-use user interface and therefore, the deployment of cloud platform is effortless.

Benefits include:

  • Save money in software investments
  • Save time in reporting and sharing
  • Help your clients to succeed

By using cloud technology, your business can adapt easily in the growing demands. There is no need for expensive investments to scale up the number of projects or the quality of your service. No need for updating your servers for bigger storage space, nor to install desktop software to handle different phases of project.

Easy user interface enables quick introduction phase and improves the efficiency of your workflow. In practice, it saves your time in the reporting phase, and the improved opportunities for data utilization makes your client’s experience of the survey project better. These benefits give you a great advantage as the competition is growing in the surveying industry.

How to start your journey to the cloud?

When it comes to web-based services, there are various alternatives for different phases of the data’s life-cycle. Some of the services are designed for the actual surveying or data processing, some for data visualization, whereas others offer tools for analysis or utilization. You must consider few things when choosing the most suitable service for you:

  1. Do you already have a solution for certain phases? Does the survey equipment provider you use offer software for data gathering and processing?
  2. What are the steps in your workflow? Is there something to be optimized?
  3. How do your clients use the data? Are there possibilities to add value to your service?


Take a trial and test the platform

Most online services offer a free period for you to test the platform. That is the best way to know whether the service includes the features you need. Also, keep your mind open when testing; are there some features you could use to ease your work or improve the client experience?

Use blogs and guidance videos to get ideas for different ways to utilize the platform. Sometimes thinking out of the box can give the new perspective needed to take your business to the next level. Be a forerunner in the industry!

GISGRO is one example of a cloud-based 3D platform. Start a demo and see what you think!

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