The challenges with 3D data management are global

The new decade started with an overseas tour, in the USA. The weather in the Southern U.S. was so beautiful, especially compared to the gray winter sky in Finlandwhich lured us to go sightseeingBut we did loads of work too and had many inspiring conversations with the hydrographic surveyors and asset management professionals. 

The first stop of the tour was the HYPACK 2020 Training Event in Jacksonville, Florida. The event introduced the newest features of hydrographic data processing software along with the exhibition of leading hydrography and 3D technology.  

“GISGRO received a lot of interest among the hydrographic surveyors. It seems our American counterparts have also encountered difficulties in delivering and sharing large 3D point clouds, reasons that originally started the idea of GISGRO”, explained our CBDO Ville Mäkeläinen. 

3D survey data in the port industry 

In addition to the HYPACK event, Ville visited local seaports to discuss underwater asset management. According to Ville, the most common challenges in the area are: 

  1. 3D surveys are quite commonly done in ports, but the data quality, post-processing and analysis rarely meet the needs of asset management 
  2. 3D data is not properly used in asset management, due to the lack of compatible software 
  3. 3D data is poorly utilized, because only fepeople can access the data 

So, how to tackle these challenges?  The first step is to make sure the survey data quality meets the needs of asset management. We’re soon publishing a guide about gathering top quality survey data (stay tuned!), but meanwhile you can check demo data for an example of 3D survey data accurate enough to be used in asset management. 

The next step is to make sure the survey data is put to work. The easy way to do this, is to upload the data into an online platform, where anyone can share and utilize the data in a visual format wherever and whenever. In other words, everyone involved with a port’s maintenance needs to get a grip on the data. The idea behind GISGRO was, and still remains that the 3D data is easily available anytime, anywhereYou can try it now with GISGRO, start your free 14-day trial and use your imagination to paint a picture of easy asset management. 

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