Three Steps of 3D Data from the Surveyor to the End User

Surveyors usually do the whole workflow of hydrographical survey, from the field work to post-processing, in the same software. But what happens after processing the hydrographic data? This is usually where plenty of valuable information included in the survey data gets lost, as many surveyors lack the ability to easily deliver the large 3D point clouds to their clients.

An online 3D platform GISGRO comes into the picture as a natural continuation on the data’s journey. After processing the 3D data, the surveyor can upload the data to GISGRO, enabling its easy utilization during the whole lifecycle of the asset, seabed or infrastructure. Read on to see the three steps of 3D survey data from the surveyor to the end user.

1 Visualize

The interpretation of raw point clouds requires an experienced eye, so the visualization is the first step to ensure the usability of the survey data. In GISGRO, the visualization is done with few clicks. You may use default settings of the color map or create your own, and instantly make the 3D data more visual and understandable.

2 Analyze

You are the professional in hydrographic surveys, so give a piece of your wisdom to the use of your clients. Mark your observations to the data, whether it is an area of erosion, a rock or an object on the seabed. Add an explanation with pictures and use the analysis tools to visualize the observation. GISGRO automatically creates a report of all the observations, which can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

3 Share

No more sending heavy point clouds and pdf reports via email; just invite your client to GISGRO. The 3D data is then available online without any additional software installations and GISGRO provides also tools to utilize the data at the same time. In the era of digitalization and a need for remote working systems, with GISGRO you offer your clients an easy way for enhancing their digital asset management.

Hydrographical surveying is hard work, so make sure the data you produce is put to work. Easy online delivery and utilization of the 3D data improves the customer satisfaction and enables the various applications of the 3D data in asset management.

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