Overview and how to navigate

Survey Reporting Overview

This section of the user guide addresses the surveyor license holders of GISGRO. GISGRO offers a user-friendly interface, with a simple process of logging in, uploading point cloud files and creating digital reports for the end user.

The reporting tools of GISGRO are seen only by the surveyor side and the data becomes available to the client once the report is finalized and an access email has been sent to the client.

GISGRO allows surveyor companies to make detailed observations of the inspection site using a range of features, providing the client with a visualized report in the Map and 3D view.


A. Navigation Panel on left

  • Surveys: Main survey reporting/uploading page (Landing Page)
  • Organizations: List of added client organizations. Search and edit their info here or view in Map View.
  • User Settings: User account settings
  • Survey Organization Settings: Your organization settings (also settings for selected client organization)
  • Purchase License: GISGRO license store
  • Support: Information about privacy and security policy
  • Logout: Logout from your GISGRO account

B. Upload

C. Report

  • List of active surveys, you can remove or publish selected surveys. In this section, you will be guided how to report survey step by step, starting from How to upload data

D. Finalized Reports

  • After you have finalized your report, you can access the organization (click organization name) or the report (click eye-icon under ‘Actions’)
  • You can also remove the finalized report from customer side and return it as active survey (click revert icon under ‘Actions’)

Note! This will remove the information added in the customer side!