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Supported data formats and how to upload

Supported formats

Prerequisites: Datasets are ready for upload, in a global coordinate system and an assigned height reference system.

Compress all the dataset files into one ZIP file. Maximum size of the zip file should be 2 GB and maximum amount of points is 50 million.

Supported file formats: .asc, .xyz, .csv, .txt, .las, .obj.  Files should include coordinates in X , Y, Z  format. Separator can be space, comma, tabulator, vertical bar, colon or semicolon.

For the point cloud colors can be added to point cloud file. Add RGB values after coordinate.

 Make sure there are no double points in your files.

Example of file content

25499557.509 6670625.738 0.256 123 123 123
25499557.499 6670625.738 0.316 135 135 135
25499557.479 6670625.738 0.386 170 170 170
25499557.499 6670625.748 0.446 173 171 170
25499557.509 6670625.748 0.506 170 170 170


How to upload

  1. Go to the landing page either by clicking GISGRO logo upper left corner
  2. Drag and drop the ZIP file or browse files by clicking upload field to select files
    • You may stop the upload by hovering over the file and selecting ‘remove file’
  3. Once successfully uploaded, the file will appear under the ‘Survey Files’ and conversion process will start automatically
  4. After conversion process is done, you may access your dataset and share it to your customer. Click on the dataset and click ‘Edit’- button to edit the report


Conversion process status

      • Ongoing / loading -icon: File has now been taken into the conversion process.
      • Done / check mark -icon: Process has finished and the dataset is created. Dataset can be found in the dataset list. You can now start editing, click ‘Edit’ button after clicking on the dataset.
      • Failed/ blocked -icon: Please check the error message by hovering over it. Please check that the files are in correct format (as defined above). If problem persists please contact, we are happy to help.

For larger files, it might take a while for conversion process to finish.