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Sharing dataset with client

Sharing dataset with client

Once you have fully filled the dataset with all the required information as Surveyor, you may share it with the client.

  1. Select the dataset you want to share by clicking on it
  2. Click on Share button to add the dataset to be shared. You can select multiple datasets to share at once
  3. You can see the datasets you have selected here, and can add or remove from the field
  4. Choose the license you want to give to the client
  5. Enter the email of the client
  6. Once done, and then click Share

Datasets you shared will now have the status ‘Shared’. Client will receive email where they can register their account to GISGRO. After the first login, they will accept the datasets automatically. Status of dataset will be ‘Accepted’.

 Note! Any editing done after sharing the dataset will not be updated on the client’s side!


Cancel sharing a report

You can cancel the share to the client only if it has not been accepted yet. After client has accepted the dataset, you can no longer cancel the dataset and the dataset will be in clients full use, independent from yours.

To cancel a share:

  1. Click on a dataset that has been shared, but the invitation has not been accepted yet
  2. Next to the email click on the ‘x’
  3. Confirm change

Archiving dataset

You can archive your datasets by clicking on ‘Archive’.


To view all your archived datasets go to ‘Archived surveys’ on left side menu. You can restore your archived datasets by clicking ‘Restore’ or preview the dataset by clicking on ‘Preview’.