GISGRO will be the name of the whole company, not just our amazing software!


We are focused on making GISGRO the most comprehensive and user-friendly port software. To reach that goal our team work relentlessly designing software that eases the everyday work in ports from marine operations to finances and everything in between. Our history brings us great advantage as we have worked so long with the port industry, and it is a strong foundation to build our software.

To crystallize our mission for both our clients and our team, we say goodbye to our previous company name VRT Finland Ltd, and we are changing the name of the company GISGRO Ltd.

The change does not affect business ID or other contact information. The people you already know are still here, and you can reach them by email firstname.lastname(a) If GISGRO is still unfamiliar to you, I recommend to take a tour and check out what we have to offer. Start the tour here.


Happy to have you on board!