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GISGRO smart port platform empowers ports and surveyors by making their transition to a digital work environment easier.

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Making faster, better-informed decisions requires one crucial ingredient. Better information.

A port of any kind contains huge amount of information, which is used daily by various people to run and optimize the operations. GISGRO is a smart port management and information system (PMIS) that helps ports, their clients, and their subcontractors work smarter.

With the ability to view and utilize port and asset data quickly and easily online, ports gain the power to effectively oversee and optimize operations. The easy-to-use interface, smart tools, and online environment ensure that data is available for all, in one place at any time.

For surveyors, GISGRO is a smart way to share data to clients and help them utilize it in everyday operations.

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Key benefits for ports

Gathering data, such as bathymetric charts, asset information, and interactive maintenance and berthing plans, from different sources and across different functions of the port into a visual online platform enables the port team to utilize it effectively in everyday operations. GISGRO functions as a central hub for integral information across different functions and stakeholders of the port.

Accurate data and easy-to-use tools help the team to save time and make smarter decisions. 



With the easily available accurate data, such as weather, tidal information and AIS together with interactive berthing plan tool enables the port to accurately calculate the time of arrival and optimal UKC for the vessels. This allows the vessels to optimize their speed, avoid waiting time and optimize cargo, which saves the port resources, improves the service and is sustainable for the environment.



Accurate, easily available asset information and interactive maintenance management help ports to save time, cut costs, optimize predictive maintenance, and extend the asset life-cycle. Easy-to-use tools allow anyone in the team to utilize the data, for example to calculate volume, print bathymetric charts, mark maintenance needs or to quickly check the information of a rental asset.   



Easy visualization and sharing of 3D survey data helps the port surveyors to save time in delivering the data and observations to the port team. With GISGRO’s easy-to-use tools anyone in the port team can utilize the data, for example calculate volume, print bathymetric charts and make measurements digitally. Furthermore, a complete digital twin of the port can be built based on the survey data to optimize the port operations.

What our customers say

”Our department produces and operates with a range of different types of data: multibeam and laser scans, orthoimages, and 3D reference models. For example, earlier we used to deliver underwater structural scan data to our in-house clients in 2D format. With GISGRO, we can assist them by enabling the easy access and utilization of different 2D and 3D data in asset management”

Thomas Thies, Head of Hydrographic Data Collection
Hamburg Port Authority

”It is easy to communicate with each other in GISGRO. For example, our maintenance crew has really been satisfied with the exact location of the needed repair being automatically included in service requests sent through GISGRO. This helps the crew in quickly finding the correct location in the vast port area. Also, the office team uses service request logs in GISGRO to verify invoices from the contractors.”

Teemu Vaahtera, CEO
Port of Uusikaupunki

“GISGRO has been well received by all our clients and provided them with a simple and intuitive way to view and interrogate their data. Many of them have limitations on available software and downloading and viewing point cloud type data becomes an onerous task which leads to frustration and ultimately the client not utilizing the full potential of the data.”

Anthony Pritchard, Director
Storm Geomatics

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