Make Infrastructure Management Smart and Smooth.

GISGRO is a smart and easy-to-use online platform for infrastructure management. Use GISGRO to build a digital twin of your asset, gather the important asset data in one place, and ensure all relevant people can utilize it anytime, anywhere. 


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Visualize, Share and Utilize 3D Data in One Cloud Platform

In GISGRO online platform anyone can manage under and above water assets digitally, in a visual 3D and map formats everyone understands. The asset data is in one place accessible for everyone without special software or certain expertise. GISGRO’s easy-to-use tools make sure asset data gets fully utilized in optimization of daily asset operations.

For surveyors GISGRO is a simple way to save time in reporting and to share visualized data with the clients. Asset operators can easily utilize the data to optimize asset maintenance and operations.

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GISGRO for Surveyors

Ever wondered how you can easily send survey data to your customer? Have you spent hours in modifying survey reports? GISGRO gives your answers to these challenges!

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GISGRO in Asset Management

Asset management can be laborious with dozens of different databases and softwares. What if you could manage your assets online with only one software?

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What Our Customers Say

“When we have all of our assets in GISGRO, enriched with additional data, we will be able to use it in every aspect of port operations from maintenance to sales. It does not only improve our communication internally and between different departments in the port, but also with customers and other stakeholders.”

Ville Kuitunen, Sales Manager | Port of HaminaKotka

“The digital twin of the port helps enormously in planning. As an example, when planning a location for a new storage building, we used to confirm the measurements in different drawings and plans by actually going to the area. Now we can do the measurements in the office with GISGRO’s tools, being also able to pay attention to the transportation routes or location of the gates, for example”

Johanna Heinoja, Technical Manager | Port of Pietarsaari

”We have the possibility to store and manage all survey data easily in GISGRO online-service, where we can independently access all survey data. This service lets us view, analyze and utilize the data for maintenance planning and budgeting in all phases of structures’ life-cycle.”

Jouni Hildén, Technical Planning Manager | Port of Turku

Download a Guide for Surveyors

This guide discusses the aspects of top-quality hydrographic survey data, concentrating especially in the field work part of the data production process. Get your free guide to learn more about:

  • What makes the survey data top-quality?
  • Maximizing the data quality in the field
  • Utilization is the final indicator of the data quality

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