GISGRO Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GISGRO?

It is an online platform for visulizing, sharing, and utilizing 3D survey data (hydrographic, land, structural, drone etc.).

For surveyors, the platform offers an easy way to share the data with clients and help them to utilize it further without any special software.

For asset managers, GISGRO allows a simple way to build a geo-referenced and visual digital twin of the asset in order to gather all data in one place, easily share the data with all shareholders needed, and manage the asset digitally anywhere and anytime.

How can I purchase GISGRO?

You can purchase a license after your 14-day free period in the web store located in the top right corner menu of GISGRO platform.

The web store is available only after registering to GISGRO.

You can register to GISGRO with a free 14-day trial.

Which data formats can be uploaded to GISGRO?

At the moment, GISGRO supports xyz, csv, asc, txt, las and obj.

Files should include coordinates in X , Y, Z  format. Separator can be space, comma, tabulator, vertical bar, colon or semicolon. Maximum amount of points per file is 50 million.

Point cloud colors can be added to the point cloud file. Add RGB values after coordinates.

More supported file formats are coming very soon! Meanwhile, if you need to import other formats, make sure to contact GISGRO support team ( They will do they best to make GISGRO work for you.

More details about uploading in GISGRO User Guide.

Which size of files GISGRO can handle?

In order to maintain optimal usability of GISGRO, file uploads which are reported and published to 3D view are limited to 50M points. For data sharing, the limit for a single file is 2 GB per file.

Do GISGRO licenses include data limitations?


One GISGRO user license includes: 50 GB bandwidth use per month | 50 processed data sets per month | 50 GB storage in total.

If you need more storage, you can delete old data sets, purchase another license, or contact us for purchasing more storage space.

During the 14-day free period, the data limitations are: 10 GB bandwidth | 10 processed data sets | 10 GB storage in total.

Am I able to import shape files, geotiffs or other files such as dxfs and manage these in layers?

You can import areas or lines in GeoJSON format. Other formats, such as geotiff and shape, can be imported for you by GISGRO support team ( Support for file imports is constantly in development.

The areas or lines can be linked with other information and managed in the map in layers. With GISGRO polyline tools, you can draw areas / shapes, which can be downloaded in .dxf format.