GISGRO Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GISGRO?

It is a smart port and data management platform.

For ports, GISGRO is a easy-to-use platform that helps overcome any barrier that blocks their passage to a safer and more efficient digital work environment.

For surveyors, the platform offers an easy way to share the data with clients and help them to utilize it further without any special software.

How do I share datasets and information through GISGRO to my survey clients?

Sharing information is easy – just send an invitation from GISGRO to your client. They will receive the invitation to by email and after a quick registering, they can view and utilize the data in GISGRO.

When datasets are shared by a surveyor to a client, the client gets to view and use the data for free* as long as the surveyor’s license is valid.

*Data limitations: 10 GB bandwidth | 10 GB storage in total.

During the first 28 days the client gets to use all GISGRO features. After this, the client can either continue to with the free limited license or purchase a full license from GISGRO web store.

The client can download the datasets and the survey report (pdf) from GISGRO at any time.

Do I need to download something to my computer when starting to use GISGRO?

No. GISGRO works via a web browser and does not require any downloads or installations.

The minimum requirements are:


Minimum 4 GB of RAM
Discrete GPU with at least 1 GB of memory

Operating System

The following operating systems (or newer):

Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6
Linux version 4.0

Internet Browser

Two latest versions of:

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Internet Connection:

Broadband internet connection with at least 10 Mbps transfer rate

Which dataset formats can be uploaded to GISGRO?

At the moment, GISGRO supports xyz, csv, asc, txt, las and obj.

For QPS software users support for qpd-format is available with GISGRO uploader. Read more here.

Files should include coordinates in X , Y, Z  format. Separator can be space, comma, tabulator, vertical bar, colon or semicolon. Maximum amount of points per file is 50 million.

Point cloud colors can be added to the point cloud file. Add RGB values after coordinates.

If you wish to import other formats, make sure to contact GISGRO support team ( They will do they best to make GISGRO work for you.

Which size of files GISGRO can handle?

In order to maintain optimal usability of GISGRO, file uploads which are reported and published to 3D view are limited to 50M points. For data sharing, the limit for a single file is 2 GB per file.

Do GISGRO licenses include data limitations?


One GISGRO user license includes: 50 GB bandwidth use per month | 50 GB storage in total.

If you need more storage, you can delete old data sets, purchase another license, or contact us for purchasing more storage space.

During the 28-day free trial period, the data limitations are: 10 GB bandwidth us per month | 10 GB storage in total.

Am I able to import IFC models, CAD data, dxf-files, shape files, geotiffs or other similar data and manage these in layers?

Yes, you can import IFC 3D models. Utilizer license holders can also import dxf-files and areas or lines in GeoJSON format.

Other formats, such as various CAD-file formats, geotiff, shape, and other can be imported for you by GISGRO support team ( or in chat located in the right bottom corner of the app). Support for additional file formats is constantly in development.

The areas or lines can be linked with other information and managed in the map in layers with the help of our support team.

With GISGRO polyline tools, you can draw areas / shapes, which can be downloaded in .dxf format.

What kind of customer service GISGRO offers?

The app contains a support chat (located in the bottom right corner of the app), where our support team is online to help you during business hours EET. You can leave your message during offline hours too and the team will get back to you once they are back online.

You can also reach the support team by email at

If you don’t have a license yet, book a 20-minute meeting with our specialist to discuss more.