There is always room for improvement!

Quality, safety, sustainability and information security. Every one of those themes are involved in our daily work of developing constantly better digital tools for ports.

We want to be transparent about our way of working, so already in 2018 we received the first three ISO certifications – ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and ISO 45001 for occupational safety. The trio was upgraded with ISO 27001 for information security in 2022. These certificates are known globally, so our clients and other stakeholders have a clear view on the quality level and continuous improvement targets in our processes.

Our policies below describe some of the main principles of each certified management system.

Kiwa certificate

Quality policy

GISGRO Values include four aspects:

1. Courage
– We set our goals high
– We find solutions regardless of the size of the problem
– We proudly do our thing without compromising on what we believe in

2. Humanity
– We are our own selves
– We are easily approachable
– We listen

3. Honesty
– We openly express our views
– We are not afraid discuss difficult things or raise issues, when needed
– We provide feedback

4. Persistence (Sisu in Finnish)
– We don’t give up before it’s agreed to be the best option for everyone involved
– We always find ways to do things better
– We deliver what we promise

GISGRO’s innovativeness and customer oriented approach makes us the leading experts in port management information systems and we aim to keep that lead by focusing in superior quality. The company management and personnel are dedicated to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, and the quality management system. We have procedures to measure and monitor performance and quality and also identify noncorfomity. GISGRO is committed to fulfill customers’ and other stakeholders requirements.


Information security policy

Booming digitalization increases information security risks for companies. At GISGRO, information security management system guarantees the high level of information security of our own operations, as well as managing our clients’ information assets. We want to be vanguards of information security in our industry.

The starting point of the development of our information security comes from the requirements of legislation, our clients, and other stakeholders. In our operations we protect the usefulness, integrity, and confidentiality of the information. The purpose of information security management is to maintain operations also in state of emergency, while securing the information assets of our clients. We regularly evaluate the risks, monitor the information security system and changes in the environment, and constantly develop our operations.

The management of GISGRO is responsible of organizing information security system, ensuring its compliance and continual improvement, while making sure the personnel have the needed knowledge and resources to fulfill the requirements of the information security policy and guidelines. Management sets an example of safe procedures and communicates the importance of information security to the stakeholders. GISGRO’s information security team ensures that the information security policy and guidelines lead the work in all levels of organization.


Environmental policy

GISGRO operates in business which doesn’t itself create significant environmental impacts. However, in addition to obeying the environmental laws and regulations, we aim to diminish our environmental footprint by reducing the use of energy and materials, enhancing recycling in the office and educating our personnel in environmental aspects. Because GISGRO operates internationally, the work includes some amount of travelling. We aim to schedule work trips so that travelling is minimized and also encourage the use of online meetings whenever it is possible. By constantly improving our environmental management system we give our best effort to conserve nature and prevent pollution.


Occupational health and safety policy

GISGRO recognizes that personnel is the key for company’s success. Health and safety of our staff is number one priority. All the health and safety laws and regulations are obeyed. We ensure that risks in the workplace are identified and that personnel’s skills and knowledge for maintaining and improving wellbeing are up-to-date. Providing work equipment which support good ergonomics is one way to prevent any injuries or harms to employee’s health.

GISGRO considers atmosphere in the working place being important aspect in occupational well-being. Transparency and equality are major values in GISGRO’s business culture. Personnel is encouraged to maintain good health by offering opportunities to exercise. OHS management system is constantly improved in co-operation with the employees.