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An environmental inventory in a port is demanding due to the need for comprehensive data on many environmental variables. In the meantime, the international pressure for zero-carbon maritime traffic is tightening the regulation on environmental reporting. Identifying potential environmental risks and developing strategies for sustainable management can be made easier with automated greenhouse gas and air pollution emission calculations with GISGRO Green.

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Environmental management system- for green port

Green port

Automate emission calculations

GISGRO Green calculates vessel emissions automatically using Port Call data from AIS or PMIS. Environmental Management System can also be integrated with Port Gate Systems, for example, to provide real-time data on the number of vehicles in a port area.

Emissions by equipment

Emission sources

  • Vessel traffic
  • Land traffic
  • Work equipment
  • Energy consumption

Data sources

  • GISGRO as a PMIS
  • Integrations to 3rd party systems*
  • Spreadsheets

*e.g. PMIS, AIS or Port Gate Systems

CO2 Equivalent

Calculation results

  • Air pollutants* and greenhouse gases** for traffic emissions.
  • CO₂-equivalent for energy.

* CO, NOX, PM10, HC, SO₂, and PM25.
** CO2, CH4, and N2O.
***Emission calculations follow EEA guidelines.

Markku Alahäme Port of TurkuCASE STORY

Environmental work is continuous development in Port of Turku

Port of Turku has automated emissions calculations about vessel traffic with GISGRO Green. Collecting vessel traffic data doesn`t need manual work because data flows automatically from the Port Management Information System to the environmental calculation system.


Green port

Make continuous emission calculations

Real-time data allows for emission calculations on demand. Annual calculations may suffice for reporting purposes, but more frequent calculations are necessary for continuous improvement and informed environmental investments.

The frequency of emission calculations:

  • Once a year
  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • In real-time

Green port

Analyse environmental data easily

Categorising greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution calculations with variables like vessel type, time, area, and activity aids in analysing results. When there is consensus on the impact of environmental investments, it becomes easier to decide on the most effective actions to reduce emissions next.

Did you know?
For example, comparing different port areas’ emissions may reveal the best place for a new onshore power supply.


GISGRO Green_vessel emission division web
Emissions by Terminal, Activities and Vessel Type.

Green port

Communicate your environmental efforts

Visualised emission calculations do not need to be hidden but shared with the port departments, community, and surrounding society. When communicating environmental efforts, community trust in responsibility issues increases.

Use visualised results for

  • Internal communication and decision-making regarding environmental management.
  • Stakeholder communication regarding environmental reporting.
  • Green branding.



Green port

Technical details


Emission calculations
Results visualisation with charts
Vessel database*

*Modify vessels` technical details.


Data export tool

*Recalculate emissions after editing data.

Useful GISGRO modules

Digital twin*

Measuring tools
Asset management
Map layers

*Measure areas to get more exact data for calculations.

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