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On a mission to bring the benefits of smart technology to every port.

The vast majority of ports throughout the world are changing into more digital ways of working. But most of the digital solutions are developed for a totally different fields of industry, such as logistics or real estate. We look the world from port perspective, which puts GISGRO in an ideal position to help ports overcome any barrier that blocks their passage to a safer and more efficient digital work environment and all that it has to offer.

The easier digital transformation that GISGRO provides couldn’t come at a better time, considering the ever-increasing competition among shipping companies, the ever-growing pressure for ports to adopt green initiatives, and even the global pandemic for both health and cost-optimization reasons.

GISGRO is a cloud platform for smart management of ports and survey data.



GISGRO has been developed by a Finland-based company (GISGRO Ltd, previously VRT Finland Ltd) established in 2010. The roots of GISGRO are in 3D surveys and ports’ asset management. While delivering the surveys to the clients, the team noticed the data couldn’t be utilized by the clients due to lack of suitable software and tools. This created a need for developing GISGRO, which enables more efficient remote monitoring, operation and maintenance of the assets for everyone.

Today, team GISGRO consists of experts on various fields: software development, civil engineering, sales, marketing and more. We joined forces with Satamatieto Oy in the beginning of 2022, which means we have together over 40 years of expertise on port industry.

Our role as your partner is to ease your transition to a digital work environment and empower your team with easily accessible and more reliable data so that you can predict, tackle and quickly resolve the unforeseen.

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Increased and evolving information security threats heighten the demand for secure solution for ports’ information management

Increased and evolving information security threats heighten the demand for secure solution for ports’ information management

  GISGRO receives the ISO 27001 certificate for information security management   Cyber security and confidentiality of information are hot topics in every industry, not only in ports. In the context of maritime cyber security, port authorities play an important role in guiding the stakeholders in port’s area about best practices and applying them also…

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