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We are Visual Beings like you

Easy 3D data utilisation for our customers has been the starting point for the technological innovations in our company’s history. For us as visual beings and SaaS software developers, easy data utilisation is a synonym for a visual and intuitive user interface, which helps to make complex processes more tangible, improving comprehension and problem-solving.


Challenges in the port’s daily work

As a former surveyor company, VRT Finland Oy, we noticed that our customers couldn’t utilise acquired 3D data from infrastructure in their daily work because they would need suitable systems or expertise to use data.

Customers lose a lot of valuable data they could have utilised for the life cycle management of ports’ infrastructure and assets.

At the same time, they have challenges managing information overload.

An accurate situational view of running processes was complex because the information was scattered across many files, notes, phone calls, emails, and systems.

That prompted an everyday challenge: the information flow between work shifts, departments, and stakeholders needed was broken.

Our solution is the visual digital twin

To tackle our customers’ challenges, our team developed online software for visualising, sharing, and utilising ports’ data.

Besides a visual and intuitive user interface, we wanted to develop a cost-effective SaaS software for all sizes of ports, which is also easy and quick to deploy and use for even non-technical people.

The digital twin for visualising 3D data was an obvious solution because we had already excelled in

  • 3D technology,
  • web technology,
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS),
  • and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Happy online and mobile users

Our excellency in GIS data led us to think more widely about storing and utilising information on digital twin.

Nowadays, every piece of information recorded or integrated on GISGRO, like

  • notes,
  • tasks,
  • contracts,
  • plans,

and sensor data, can be found intuitively by clicking a “real-world” geospatial location on the online digital twin.

What’s the best: the digital twin is updated daily, thanks to happy online and mobile users and integrations to industry-specific systems.

Success in customer experience 

In our company history, from survey company to SaaS company, we have constantly innovated easy-to-use solutions to help our customers to work more efficiently.

Our customer loyalty and NPS 85 tell the story of our success in customer experience.

We have successfully developed a system that offers a visual management tool for every port department to achieve efficiency, safety, quality, and sustainability goals.

With Lean visual management, teams can provide a situational view of processes and communicate information across departments and management. Safety and quality control of processes are an integral part of GISGRO.

By making information more visible, teams work more efficiently and with fewer human errors.



Founded: 2010

Background: 40 years of experience in the port industry

Software as a service: GISGRO as a Port management information system (PMIS)

CEO: Kirsi Hänninen

Founders: Kirsi Hänninen ja Olli Auer



VRT Finland launched a sonar inspection solution in 2010 using the latest 3D-measurement technology. Before the innovation, divers were making inspections for underwater structures.

GISGRO Port management information system

VRT Finland launched the VRT BIM platform to help customers to utilise the acquired 3D data in 2016. The platform was branded GISGRO and expanded to port processes in 2019.

VRT aquires Satamatieto

VRT Finland acquired the leading Finnish port ERP software company, Satamatieto Oy, and sold its survey business to Sitowise Oyj in 2021.

GISGRO Port management Information System,

The company focuses completely on SaaS business with the new company name, GISGRO Oy, in 2022. Now GISGRO has been taken into use in 50 ports around 12 countries.



GISGRO helps you to stay on top of your port’s daily work.

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