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Why online? It saves your time in reporting and sharing. Even better, it gives your clients an easy way to fully utilize your hydrographic survey data. Anywhere, anytime.

GISGRO is developed by surveyors together with their clients.


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Easily Share and Utilize Hydrographic Survey Data Online

While marine engineering is a centuries-old industry, we’ve only been able to clearly see what lies beneath the water’s surface in the past few decades. The development of sonar technology has made 3D marine surveys with sonar scanning common for checking seabed conditions or underwater structures.

A common problem in the industry is, how to share and utilize the hydrographic / bathymetric survey data gathered. In GISGRO, you can simply do it online. Anywhere, anytime, without special software or skills to use them.

For a quick view, check the video. Or test GISGRO yourself by getting demo account credentials to your e-mail. If you want to use your own data, start a 14-day free trial. To discuss more, book a 20-minute online presentation with GISGRO specialist.

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GUIDE – How to Easily Share and Utilize Hydrographic 3D Data

Is sharing hydrographic survey data with your clients difficult and time consuming? Do you want to make sure your clients are able to see and can easily utilize your data without special software or expertise to use it?

It is possible in an online platform. Download the guide to read more.

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  • Visualize even large georeferenced survey data sets for you and your clients
  • Make observations and spot points of interest, for example objects or accumulation


  • Make depth charts, calculate volumes, visualize target depths, measure distances, and more with few clicks only
  • Compare data sets over time and visualize changes


  • Share data and observations with your clients in a visual format simple by sending them an invitation link by e-mail
  • Your clients can easily access the data anywhere and further utilize it in their daily operations.

Examples of Hydrographic Map Tools

Easily Utilize Hydrographic Data in Asset Operations Online


Create depth charts, contours and soundings, and visualize target depth in map & 3D view.


Calculate volumes with few clicks only to optimize dredging operations, for example.

From 2D Data to 3D, Is It as Easy as It Seems?

hydrographic 3d data

The challenge is that point cloud data sets are huge files without an effective way to store and share the data. It lies somewhere on hard drives or in cloud services and can only be opened with specific 3D mapping software. Too often, underwater survey companies collect the data in 3D, but can only further utilize it in 2D, leaving much of the information unused.

Because the volume of 3D data is growing exponentially in all industries, we developed GISGRO to enable its easy and efficient use. For a hydrographer, GISGRO offers an easy way to visualize the topography of the seabed and check exact coordinates of interesting observations or where in the area the desired target depth is achieved. For a civil engineer, GISGRO offers a guided workflow for underwater inspections and numerous tools to analyze the 3D data. Best of all, delivery to the customer is online and easy!

Easily store, share and actually use the valuable marine survey data you collect.

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